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    *sighs*....  if this is all that there is.... we're born, we live then die, and that's it?.... well....    
it gives so much weight to perspective;    
 it really truly shows you how sad this human species is....    
  on another note, there's no length to where some would go- understandably so- to find something to add to the emptiness, to feel as closest to whole....    
the big picture? perhaps peace, and contentment? some sort of balance? no amount of money or status guarantees this....    
being human, truly truly ultimately sucks in my opinion; so many things inwardly and outwardly to deal with; although some may embrace and face this; some know how this existence is ultimately mundane and pointless    
some say "take chances"; some understand to ask is it even worth it; yo, being alone freaking sucks lol, but socialism does just as much; am I antisocial by definition?-it sure feels that way; though have also been driven in this direction....    
 it's ok to talk; it's even better to vibe in silence; just my opinion; I'd rather get lost in escapism than get caught in too deep in this "matrix"    
this is why some even choose to sacrifice their self-their very health to "feel" something other than empty; drugs etc....because, we're ultimately institutionalized to be selfish despite how it's all disguised and designed, like charity and such....  
the foundation of humanity has been messed up....who can blame anyone for being miserable-for not wanting to be here....  
maybe i'm a little bitter; maybe I'm just tired and bored  more senseless with this existence as time passes....  
Written by PeaceFlpw (Peace Flow)
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