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Motherfucka Season (Extraction from the Twisted Womb) Part IV

  "Fake ass preachers who twist the words of the Bible
When they arrive in Heaven they are annihilated on arrival,
  "Because God ain't trying to hear their fuck shit
Condemning them to Hell, becoming forever the Devil's bitch,

  "Like savage Indians black folks are still on the warpath
Not trusting the police with most encounters ending in a bloodbath,
  "Many crimes won't be solved because of no cooperation
Still treating blacks like napkins after a masturbation,

  "Hardly anymore we hear about ISIS and the Taliban
No longer a news hot topic-so who gives a damn,
  "But I guess it don't mean shit about our soldiers being dead
Or a president and his vice that's fucked in the head,

  "Every aspect of life seems to have went pathetically down
Guillotine beheaded and left dead on the ground,
  "Executioner tactics political style
Another nationwide riot is coming-just wait awhile,

  "Understand the sun don't shine inside wet pussy
Only on the squirt when it's set free,
  "Unless it's nighttime or in the dark shadow
Then enjoy the liquified gift from a talented poppin-pussy ho',

  "It ain't nothing but good sex crying
But never the same when a loved one is dying,
  "Unable to do shit but talk and hold their hand
While other family members make funeral plans,

  "The thoughts alone are unwanted bullshit stress
Like a rapist trying to get pussy buried deep under a dress,
  "Teary-eyed afterwards and uncomfortably able to rest
Now forever more your a mental fucked-up mess,

  "Feeling the full effect of the twisted extraction-it hurt
Because it seems like under a eclipsing sun we put in work,
  "This analogy to many may be considered dark
Just like wet shit decorating draws when a motherfucka fake fart".
Written by CasketSharpe
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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