Friends Forever :)

She smiled and looked at the girl holding her hand out, “Friends forever, right?” The other girl laughed and grabbed her hand, “Of course! Friends forever and ever!” After that day, the two girls were always together. You could never find one without the other. That was until one found someone new. She had to walk to school herself today. She didn’t know why. Everyday since she could remember they always walked to school together. But for some reason today was different. She walked towards the school and saw something she never thought she would. Her best friend, the girl she’d do anything for, was with someone else. She hated it, everything about it. “Hey!” She heard the girl yell. She walked towards her. She looked between the two of them with disgust but hid it with a smile. “Who’s this?” “Oh! This is the new student I was just showing them around.” She nodded but her mind was screaming. “Is that why you didn’t walk with me?” The other girl looked surprised but then smiled, “I didn’t think you would mind.” Her smile faltered, “But we always walk together.” The girl frowned. “Well, maybe we could try something different?” She sighed, still annoyed at the fact this person was trying to steal her friend. “Fine.” The girl smiled, “Great!” It continued like this for several weeks. The two childhood friends slowly grew apart. But she couldn’t let it go. She didn’t want to let go. To forget everything they had done together. The girl was her first friend, her only friend. So she did whatever she could to break them apart. However all her attempts failed, miserably. She tried starting rumors, faked text messages to make it seem that the other hated them. But nothing worked. All her attempts. All her tries at getting her friend back failed. Each and every single time. She wanted her best friend back. But they stood in the way. They were the reason the two became distant. They are the reason she walks to school alone now. Everything is because of them. So she did what anyone would do… she came up with a plan… to get rid of them… permanently. It was simple enough, lure them to her house, lock them in her basement. Sure some people would be worried and try to look for them. But that’s what she wanted. She wanted the girl she called her best friend to come and rescue this thing. To find out what she had done to keep them together. And that’s exactly what she did. It had been two hours, no sign of anyone coming to rescue them. She smiled and looked at them, “How sad, no ones even coming to help you.” She walked closer to them, “Honestly it’s pathetic how you think anyone actually cares about you.” She put the knife to their throat smiling. “Hm wonder what would happen if I just slit your throat here?” She watched with a smile as their tears fell. What a truly beautiful sight. "You're already bound to bleed out so really, what's the point!" Then she heard banging from the door of the basement. She laughed, “Wow! Somones actually here!” The door then slammed open revealing her. The one she had done all this for. She stepped back watching as her best friend helped this urchin. “Why did… why would you do this!” She laughed, “Because it’s like we always said.” She smiled eerily and looked at the girl holding her bloody hand out, “Friends forever, right?”
Written by Casa_Nova
Author's Note
This is more of a concept that possibly could become a story. However for now it's just a short story. It's dark but I liked the idea of starting and ending with the same line but in a more sinister...
This is more of a concept that possibly could become a story. However for now it's just a short story. It's dark but I liked the idea of starting and ending with the same line but in a more sinister and dark way.
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