Duty? Damage limitation more likely - brownnosing Sara Vine!

By Stanley Collymore

Liz Windsor's duty? What utter
and such predictable rubbish
coming from an egregiously
inured, social climbing and
brownnosing royalist scumbag like
you Sara Vine. Basically do outline
and also meticulously explain, for
those of us who missed it, clearly
what duty, Liz Windsor precisely
both moralistically and likewise
altruistically, really assiduously
engaged in. Liz Windsor's only
real focus is evidently to stop
the crucially obviously, lavish
taxpayers naturally financed unquestionably money train
for them, forlornly crashing
into the buffers. So what Liz
Windsor had done is clearly
a willing act of desperation.
The family motto after all is
to self-centredly survive, at
any cost and one can aptly
see why, as it's the solitary
thing which, familially, the
Windsors essentially have
in their combined favour.

They're not a particularly bright
lot and incestuous inbreeding
hasn't helped their situation
any. I don't know of any doctors,
lawyers; distinguished scholars,
engineers, regarded scientists,
or, basically, world celebrated
academics, of any specialised
genre seriously come to that,
that the Windsors, have ever
produced; so rather logically
if they don't then effectively
protect their unwarrantedly
very distinctively hereditary
throne, naturally with their
full birthright privileges, as
well as actually, everything
that they've so discernibly
unworthily got; essentially
what else then have they?
Literally basically nothing.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
16 January 2022.

Author's Remarks:
All of Liz Windsor's children and most of her grandchildren are a disgrace no matter how laughably, were it not so bloody pathetic, their discernibly and rather expensively produced PR is quite assiduously but pathetically trying to make them all and their clearly obsessively, assiduously engaged in social climbing, Stepford wives and broodmares into ludicrous saintly figures; which they distinctly are not!

Bluntly put if Liz Windsor: the very archetypal lousy mother, were not who she evidently is, exclusively so on the asinine premise of birthright alone, and were instead a council estate dweller, it's a sure bet that the decent and intelligent folk on that estate would basically
be earnestly campaigning to have her and her self-evidently dysfunctional brood permanently evicted.

So please! Spare the few intelligent and sensible people who're actually left in Britain, all the dishonest and disingenuous crap about duty by Liz Windsor and her discernibly odious family. Incidentally, but significantly I think no one was more "dutiful" allegedly than Jimmy Savile, who the now, same idiotic brownnosers similarly had as their national poster boy, and who himself, did Jimmy Savile, had the full and unchallenged run of Buckingham Palace and, similarly, the other so-called royal households. And unquestionably, was Jimmy Savile, Charles very own personal friend for over 36 years. Just as was the convicted and jailed, similar paedophile and Church of England Bishop Peter Ball - Jimmy Savile regrettably unlike Peter Ball was well protected in "royal" and British "elite" circles all of his staunch paedophile life and only exposed after his death; as dead persons can't talk, or expose who were actually involved with them in their criminality!

Yet the said Charles Windsor is making judgement ostensibly and publicly on his younger brother Andrew's questionable behaviour. You couldn't make stuff like this up and seriously take it to Hollywood expecting its transition into a successful film as nobody would believe you, and you'd be laughed at most mercilessly. In clear distinct terms, solid fact decried as "too farfetched fiction".

What I intelligently know and see are white, thoroughly delusional master race, revolting racist supremacists; their enablers and rightwing, Nazi, totalitarian media manipulated supporters who quite realistically need to get a real grip on life, even if you do think that it's still feudal Britain; which sadly for you it isn't, but effectively, where the sane and intelligent rest of the world are logically concerned, the 21st Century that all of us are actually living in!


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