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Straight Talk Live (Use All The Capabilities Your Mind Will You)

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.    
I was recently asked by a very affluent poet within his own right of existence here on DUP regarding the duality of the brain and the mind and can the theories of either two be divided among the cause of thinking and the specific concentration of specific actions.    
What a beautiful question to ponder and the afterthought to dwell on such a relevant matter when it pertains to human development and intellectual awareness.    
In my studies and relevant theorists based of Einstein’s ideology. The man was simply brilliant in his mental aptitude of creating mind of matter and using all the dynamics of the brain’s two hemispheres. Before we even begin, we must come to understand in brevity exactly what gifts we receive from either side of the brain.    
The left side of the brain is responsible for logic and reasoning    
The right side of the brain controls intuition and the core of our emotions    
Therefore, if a person has had an unfortunate cerebrovascular accident (stroke) the damages to the body such as partial paralysis, speech is noted to be on the left side, then the right side of the body will be affected and vice versa with the complexities of the brain the thought process. With that being said, let’s delve into the beautiful necessaries of life and what the brain’s two hemispheres are capable of allocating.      
The speech pattern, that enticing and alluring vernacular engagement we use daily or in the stare of its receptive responses. Have you ever wondered the phases one must adhere to bring the thoughts into the medium of communication for someone to comprehend its subsidies?      
In simplistic terms of gravities terms, the left side of your brain primarily controls the right side of your body, and the right side of your brain dominates the left side of your body.    
Now comes the intuition of the question, which was asked, can you separate the brain and the mind yet can still operate as a whole from a spiritual level or in quantum physics adaptations.      
You must keep the notion in mind, the brain is made of physical matter and the mind is not.      
In my adolescent years, my grann use to say use your brain and not your mind… reading several volumes of English Britannica Encyclopedias all day long, and not quite understanding the visual dialect, I think I was using my brain and, in my mind, I was thinking how to make an excuse in disregarding them, and finding any means not to be disrespectable to sass her stern educational politics when being self-taught of what my brain evidently came to tolerate.      
Upon that conception, my mind had to systemically absorb a cognitive patten to balance those two hemispheres to finally accept, either I grasp the presented circumstances or continue to be ignorant of information, which was there, although, gibberish, unlearned, and foreign to my mindset.      
Somehow through the grace and many hard smacks upon my hand to pay attention and focus. I became the concept in differing the dynamics of the brain, mental growing into the understanding, it is a very powerful tool of chance in the progress of where we stand, sit, or lie, my motto is, ‘knowledge is power’ it is our most divine reward to separate fact from fiction and discord from the distinction of reasoning; it opens oppressed doors by utilizing dialogue, or by the sense of contributing to the cause and constructive liabilities of its beautiful or haunting actions.      
In essence, the brain is a substantial organ in the body that controls all vital human functions, along with the factual account we only use ten percent of our brain’s compatibles. There are different advantages one could use to unlock its potential; meditation, yoga, Chakra channeling, and adhering to the rare offering to succeed in astral quantum mechanics (it is very hard to obtain in not being spiritually attuned and using the limited of the brain power and central core of the mind-the hidden chamber, I refer to in respect).      
The mind is a terrible thing to waste therefore, when in doubt, use it to your fullest benefit. The mind is merely an epiphenomenon of the brain and can only be recognized in terms of neurology broaden terms.    
The human brain has three primary principalities. The greatest portion of the brain is what we refer to as the cerebrum, its main role is the center for intellectual functioning or reasoning. The cerebellum is the second structure, located at the back of the skull. It helps us in the prominence of balance. The third composition is the medulla, a stem which leads into the spinal column, that section along aids in the involuntary tasks such as respiration.      
These three basis components work together to help carry out the role of cognition, but they are not mind itself. The mind is not a physical entity.    
Regarding the cosmic nature of the mind, the element of surprise has been described for centuries from some of the greatest men of prominence in their field of studies, from philosophers and psychologists; Kant’s theories and Plato, Descartes, Einstein, and Socrates just to a few, in retrospect these legends within their time offered their general musings of the brain and the mind, and in comparison.    
Therefore, the brain versus the mind may not be a scientific question to sustain a quick solution, although, a question of quantum reality it is interchangeable of mind and matter.    
That has been another Straight Talk Live for you, this is a preface to a piece I have been working. I have been doing research in regard to Scientology and their dynamics, mind blowing. I see why so many stars take up their philosophy, it differs from the theory of Kabbalah in so many aspects.      
Stay blessed in your heart, stay focused in mind, and see the beauty in your eyes in everything you perceive and take consideration of others’ beauty in what they don’t.      
SKC, Interim DON, APRN
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 1st Apr 2023
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