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Image for the poem Holding The King’s Silk Sheets For Ransom

Holding The King’s Silk Sheets For Ransom

Cromwell Castle

Sephora heard thunder in the distance of her sub-conscious. Her eyes fluttered open. She immediately glanced around.  
Several flickering candles bathed the king’s bedchamber.  
Sephora sat up. She heard several raised voices outside the door. She threw the velvet covering back and rose from the bed.  
She dreamed she was back in the twentieth-first century in her own residence. She walked across the bedroom and slowly pulled open the steel door.  
Two knights stood outside the door to the king’s bedchamber.  
“Nice to see you up My’Lady?”  
Both knights bowed their head to Sephora.  
“Where am I?”  
“You are at the Cromwell Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland.”  
Sephora combed her fingers through her loose curls. She remembered her and, Sir Pious.  
She wondered where he was.  
“What year is this?”  
Both knights looked at each other.  
“This is the seventeenth century,” one knight clarified.  
“In the absence of your presence. There was an attempt on King Javiah’s life,” the other knight stated.  
Sephora covered her mouth with her hand, and then removed it.  
“Where is King Javiah?”  
“He is at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. He is in a meeting with his Privy Council. ”  
“How did I get here?”  
“You were brought here by Sir Pious himself. I will get word to Your Majesty, you have finally awaken.”  
“How long have I been resting?”  
“You have been convalesce under the care of the king’s physician for a little over a week now.”  
“No it can’t be.”  
She remembers tender kisses to her lips, strong hands exploring places on her body, being made love to with the gentle stroking of a hard erection sliding in and out of her pussy; someone whispering sweet endearments in her ear to awaken.  
Sephora touched her lips in remembrance.  
“My’Lady, you were speaking in tongues unbeknown to this age in time. Under King Javiah’s request, the physician had to bleed you twice.”  
Sephora look down at the small scar over the bend in her elbow.  
She looked back at the knight.  
“Do you remember what I was saying?”  
“Something about Javen, Palos.”  
“My Lady.”  
The Ladies-in-Waiting ran up to her.  
“My’Lady, you must not overdue it. Your Majesty has left specific instructions if you are to awaken; we are to bath you, and prepare you for the jubilee festival this evening. England has agreed to an Act of Union.”  
The Ladies-in-Waiting grabbed Sephora by each arm and escorted her to the Queen’s royal apartment.  
The Parliament Hall
Cardinal Webster, several of the king’s royal officers, and King Javiah’s knights sat in attendance of a Privy Council meeting.  
“Sir Pious step forward.”  
Sir Pious rose from his seat, and walked in front of the king.  
“Your Majesty.”  
He bowed.  
“Kneel before your king.”  
Sir Pious knelt before King Javiah.  
King Javiah rose from his chair and walked down the three steps. He lifted his sword from out its scabbard.  
“I appoint you as Duke of Cromwell. You are to protect the laws governing this sovereign to the best of your ability.”  
King Javiah, tapped both of Sir Pious' shoulders with the tip of his sword to ordain it as an abiding law of parliament.  
Sir Pious stood. He bowed to King Javiah and returned to his seat.  
Later That Afternoon
King Javiah walked in the direction of Sephora’s royal apartment. He stopped in front of the steel door and knocked.  
King Javiah twisted the doorknob and entered.  
Her Ladies-In-Waiting stepped back as King Javiah entered the royal bedchamber.  
Sephora turned from the mirror to face King Javiah.  
“Your Majesty.”  
She bowed.  
“You may be excused ladies.”  
The Ladies-In-Waiting, bowed, turned, and walked out the Queen’s royal apartment bedchamber.  
King Javiah walked over to stand in front of Sephora.  
“How are you feeling?”  
“Much better. What is all the excitement in the air I am sensing?”  
“King Raphael have sign into declaration an Act of Settlement. The descending throne will be passed to non-Roman heirs. King Raphael has reiterated our policy to join a future alliance. Which we have signed into law and order to be two governs under one parliament; which will be known as the Great Britain Parliament in the near future.”  
“That is fabulous news.”  
“I must thank you for your alliance to Sir Pious to bring King Raphael to his demise.”  
“Where is King Raphael?”  
“He has been released to the custody of his monarch, after signing that alliance treaty under the eyes of my council members.”  
King Javiah looked down into Sephora’s eyes. He stroked her cheek.  
“You are so beautiful. I will have the sole pleasure of pleasing you in my bed tonight.”  
He closed the space and pulled Sephora into his arms. Her body mashed against his short-waisted doublet and petticoat breeches trimmed with scarlet ribbons.  
King Javiah leaned his head down and slowly kissed Sephora on the lips; his tongue chiseled into her mouth.  
Sephora linked her arms around King Javiah’s neck. She submitted her lips for his taking.  
Yes, these are the lips she remembered feeding off her body from head-to-toe.  
King Javiah backed Sephora up to the bed.  
The back of Sephora’s buttocks touched the side of the mattress.  
He lifted her by the hips and sat her on the bed.  
“I am taken by you.”  
“Your Majesty, are you not in denial I am a witch.”  
“After these few nights of keeping your body warm under the covers. I am not totally convinced you are incapable of bewitching a man.”  
Sephora blushed.  
“Did Sir Pious advise you, he is under my spell.”  
King Javiah laughed.  
“Your Majesty is my comment hilarious to the ears?”  
Sir Pious, has the eyes for a young woman at this court. And any man found with eyes for my future queen, will be quartered and dragged.”  
She was just here two days ago, right?  
“Enough talk.”  
King Javiah gently pushed Sephora back on the bed. He climbed over her.  
My very own beautiful and sexy witch.”  
Sephora looked up into his eyes. She palmed King Javiah’s face and pulled it down.  
King Javiah tenderly kissed Sephora’s lips. He kissed her neck; his tongue slid across her skin. He arrested her lips once again.  
Sephora palmed the back of King Javiah's head. She pulled him over her as his lips overtook hers.  
King Javiah went under Sephora gown. He rubbed his palm up her leg; he heightened the kiss to her lips.  
“I want you now,” he whispered in her ear.  
He got off the bed and quickly undressed. He bent over and took off his shoes.  
Sephora marveled over King Javiah’s brown-skinned muscular display. His hirsute chest was powerful. She looked up into his eyes.  
His pencil thin goatee was her favorite characteristic of his facial features.  
King Javiah stood Sephora up. He untied the strings to the bustier portion of her gown. He parted the material and leaned his head down. He kissed a pert nipple.  
“Oh...Your Majesty.”  
King Javiah pushed Sephora's gown down.  
The attire dropped to the floor.  
King Javiah removed Sephora’s corset, and then her bloomers. He lifted a breast, squeezed the softness, and then licked over and around the nipple.  
“Oh sweet mercy.”  
Sephora’s body melted into King Javiah's body; her legs felt like jelly.  
King Javiah lifted Sephora up and laid her on the bed. He kissed both ankles; he lifted her leg and kissed the length. He placed her leg down once his lips traveled to the helm of her pussy.  
King Javiah got back in the bed and positioned himself between Sephora's thighs. He cupped under her buttocks and pulled her pelvis into the fatten tip of his erection. He leaned his head down and suckled the other breast.  
Sephora opened her legs, awaiting for the sweet surrender.  
King Javiah, kissed the fine downy hairs covering the face of Sephora’s pussy.  
Sephora arched her back in total physical oblivion.  
King Javiah kissed up Sephora’s stomach. He suckled under her breast, turning it a deep crimson red.  He fingered her pussy, before sliding two fingers inside of her.  
“ Majesty.”  
Sephora’s body twisted in anticipation.  
King Javiah removed his fingers, tasted her essence, and then climbed over Sephora’s body.  
“Touch me, Sephora. The future Queen of Scotland and England.”  
Sephora leaned up and kissed King Javiah. She rubbed over his massive chest wall. She dropped her hand down and caressed the width of his erection.  
King Javiah parted Sephora’s legs wider with his thigh. He fumbled to cup his manhood. He positioned it at the inaugural of her womanhood. He leaned down and stuck his tongue inside Sephora’s ear. He humped his groin back and rammed his manhood inside of her.  
“Sssss,” King Javiah moaned at the tighten infiltration. He suspended his movements.  
He looked down into Sephora's passionate light-brown eyes.  
Sephora leaned her head up. King Javiah leaned his head downward.  
Both lips fed off the feeling of being carnal interlocked.  
King Javiah cupped the back of Sephora’s head as he began to aggressively move his dick inside her pussy.  
Sephora moved her hips.  
King Javiah inched his face back.  
“Make sweet love to me King Javiah.”  
“I will love too,” he whispered back.  
He palmed the mattress and slammed his manhood inside her.  
Sephora hugged King Javiah’s lower back.  
The sweat inching down his back dampened her palms.  
Sephora moved her pelvis without coordinating her movements. The muscles of her vaginal walls gloved the lofty harden flesh.  
Both found each other lips.  
King Javiah, hammered his groin into Sephora’s pelvis harder.  
King Javiah threw his head back. A steady torrent of semen clogged her pussy.  
Sephora hugged King Javiah tighter.  
Her pulsating climax joined in the abyss of ecstasy.  
“This is the pleasure only my future queen could give me.” He arrested her lips in a scorching kiss, stirring his manhood inside of her. He stopped, leaned down, and then whispered in her ear, “You will bring me great princes one day in time, this I know to be true.”  
“Handsome like their father, I could only imagine.”  
There was a knock at the door.  
Two heads rotated toward the door.    
“King Javiah. Your Holiness would like a word with you.”  
“The duties of the king calls me from the sweetened offering of my future queen’s pussy.”  
Sephora smiled.  
“Would you please send my Ladies-In-Waiting to my bedchamber? It appears a handsome king has soiled me.”  
King Javiah winked at her and withdrew his semi-flaccid erection. He got out the bed and quickly dressed. He walked over to the door and opened it.  
“Your Majesty.”  
His Steward bowed his head.  
King Javiah looked back at Sephora.  
She blew a kiss to him.  
“You will be blowing more than a kiss later on.”  
Sephora blushed.  
King Javiah turned toward his Steward. He cleared his throat.  
King Javiah walked out Sephora’s royal apartment.  
Sephora’s Ladies-In-Waiting quickly entered the bedchamber of her royal apartment.  
Great Hall
Sephora sat at King Javiah’s side during the festivities at the court.  
A jester entertained everyone attending.  
King Javiah leaned over and whispered in Sephora’s ear.  
“Is My’Lady not enjoying the thrills at the king’s request?”  
Sephora looked at the dancers twirling around the limited space used for entertaining the king’s court.”  
She looked over at King Javiah.  
“Yes, I am enjoying myself immensely.”  
“I have something for you.”  
“You do.”  
King Javiah lifted his hand. His servant walked in carrying a square black jewelry box.  
He bowed and approached the throne. He handed the jewelry box to King Javiah.  
King Javiah handed the jewelry box to Sephora.  
“Thank you My’Lord, but you didn’t have too.”  
“Remind me later I didn’t have too.”  
He winked at her.  
Sephora positioned the jewelry box on her lap and slowly lifted the top.  
Her eyes widened at the emerald teardrop necklace laying on a black velvet bed.  
“It was a present to me from Earl of Suffolk.”  
“It’s beautiful.”  
“Not beautiful than the woman who would wear it.”  
Sephora leaned over and kissed King Javiah on his lips.  
“Thank you My’Lord.”  
She handed the jewelry box to one of her Ladies-In-Waiting.”  
“Would My’Lady, like to dance the Volta with me.”  
“I would like that as much.”  
King Javiah stood. Sephora stood. She placed her palm over the top of his hand.  
King Javiah escorted Sephora out to the middle of the floor. He gathered her in his arms for the slow-to-fast tempo.  
Several other couples joined in.  
Sir Pious stood in the corner speaking with King Javiah’s groomsman. He was jealous he had to keep his love for Sephora hidden from the eyes and ears of the court.    
King Javiah twirled Sephora around the room. Her eyes made direct contact with Sir Pious.  
She smiled.  
Sir Pious looked away.  
The tempo of the dance came to an end.  
One of King Javiah’s royal officers leaned over and whispered something in his ear.  
“My Lady, I will visit your bedchamber much later. I have an immediate matter that takes precedence.”  
Sephora bowed.  
“Your Majesty.”  
King Javiah stroked Sephora’s cheek, bowed, and walked away.  
Several of his political advisors followed.  
Sir Pious fell in line. He looked back at Sephora and winked.  
Sephora smiled, until she realized, he was not winking at her. She turned her attention to Lady Ann.  
The Earl’s only legitimate daughter.”  
“Oh he wants to play that game.”  
Sephora lifted her gown and turned to walk in the direction of her royal apartment. Her Ladies-In-Waiting followed her out in haste.  
Sephora paced her royal apartment. She really wanted to see Sir Pious. She could not understand what happen from the time they spent in his late father’s château, until now. And him flirting with another woman under her nose is unforgiven.  
“Lady Antebelle, I need you to deliver a message for me.”  
“Yes My’Lady.”  
Sephora walked over to the bed and lifted the letter.  
“No one eyes is to see this but Sir Pious.”  
“Yes My’Lady.”  
One of Her Ladies-In-Waiting relieved the letter from out Sephora’s hand, turned, and rushed over to the door.  
Sephora walked over to the window and looked up at the night sky.  
A blanket of stars smiled back down at her.  
The illuminating moonlight bathed her bedchamber.  
She had to see Pious.  
“The man made love to me, and promised to protect me, what happen from there?” She thought about King Javiah. The corners of her mouth turned up. “The man is all hands, dick, and a great mouth under the covers, and is willing to marry me. I did mention great…great…sex.”  
Sephora hugged herself.  
Sir Pious took a gulp of his ale. He slammed the goblet down on the table. He wiped the back of his mouth with his hand. He was down-right horney, and he was not in the mood to invite a mistress to his bedchamber.  
“I bet she is laying in that bastard’s bed.” He knew he was to blame for returning Sephora to King’s Javiah castle. Why didn’t he just take her away and nurse her back to health himself.  
Someone knocked on the door to his bedchamber.  
Sir Pious looked over at the door.  
“Come in.”  
The door opened, admitting his Steward.  
“Sir Pious, there is delivered message for you.”  
His Steward walked over to the table and handed the sealed letter to Pious.  
“That would be all.”  
“Sir Pious.”  
His Steward bowed, turned, and headed to the door. He walked out his bedchamber, and pulled the door close behind his exit.  
Sir Pious looked down at the letter.  
The letter reeked of a flowery smell. He smiled and broke the seal.  
“Meet me at under the stars at the abandoned château we once shared.”  
The letter was initialed with a S.  
Sir Pious stood. He walked over to the window and looked out. He linked his hands behind his back, and contemplated what he should do. Is chasing a woman, who he will never have in his life worth treason? He thought back to the last encounter of him and her. He really wanted to see her.  
Sir Pious walked over the settee. He lifted his sword and rushed over to the door. He opened it and hurried down the corridor.  
“Sir Pious, would you like me to fetch your Horse.”  
His Master of the Horse scurried ahead of him.  
Sephora lifted the animal skin blanket up to her chin. She tuned in her ears for approaching hooves. She knew Sir Pious was not coming.  
She hoped her Ladies-In-Waiting, convinced the King, she will be resting at one of the many castles the king purchased for her. She really did not want the title of Queen, the Coronation, and all the jubilee festivities following it. She have a life in South Dakota. As soon as she awakens from this nightmare she will return to her life as a teacher. She will marry a man for love, not for what he could do for her.  
Sephora stretched her arms over her head and sunk her back against the felt mattress. Her eyes closed slowly.  
King Javiah’s Bedchamber
“I need someone to summon Lady Sephora to my bedchamber.”  
“Your Majesty, Lady Sephora is not here. She was seen riding out in the distance before nightfall.”  
King Javiah palmed his chin down.  
“On a horse, and not in the royal stagecoach with her Ladies-In-Waiting.”  
“No Your Majesty.”  
“Summon her Ladies-In-Waiting, now!”  
His steward hurried out King Javiah’s bedchamber.  
King Javiah looked down at his erect dick. He wanted to lay between Sephora’s thighs throughout the night.  He never knew a witch could bewitch him to want to be in her company to enjoy her smiles, her laughter, and some damn good pussy, he thought.  
There was a knocked at the door.  
The door opened.  
Sephora’s Ladies-In-Waiting entered King Javiah’s bedchamber.  
All three ladies bowed.  
“I have been advised Sephora is not on the grounds. Is this to be true?”  
Her Ladies-In-Waiting looked at one another.  
“Your Majesty. She is residing at the Liberty Château.”  
One of her Ladies-In-Waiting crossed her fingers behind her back. She knew lying to the king will be considered treason.  
“Did Lady Sephora advise you three when she will return?”  
“No Your Majesty.”  
“Was she traveling alone?”  
“Yes sir.”  
“I find it strange, Sephora, your future Queen is traveling alone, and without the presence of guards! Have my horse saddled. I will go to her at once.”  
“Yes Your Majesty.”  
All three Ladies-In-Waiting bowed, turned, and rushed out of King Javiah’s bedchamber.  
Sephora felt a soft finger to her cheek. She slowly opened her eyes.  
Sir Pious looked down at her. He leaned down and kissed her on the lips.  
“You came.”  
Sephora sat up. She linked her arms around Sir Pious’ neck and squeezed his presence to her body.  
“I could not stay away. Would you like me to join you beautiful lass?”  
Sephora tossed the cover aside, and scooted over.  
Sir Pious stood up and quickly removed his clothes; he then unbuckled his shoes and joined Sephora in the bed.  
would love for the Duke of Cromwell to make love to the future Queen of England and Scotland.”  
“You do not have to ask.”  
Sir Pious gathered Sephora in his arms and kissed her lips. He kissed the side of her neck.  
“I have been thinking about you endlessly,” he whispered in her ear. “How I want to be inside you, hear you scream out my name, right when I claim you as my own.”  
Sir Pious aligned Sephora’s body. He leaned his head down and kissed under her chin.  
“I’ve missed tasting you.”  
Sir Pious nipped at the peak of a breast nipple.  
“Oh Sir Pious, I love you and only y…”  
He suffocated her lips with his own. He kissed the side of her temple, down to her ear, and then suckled her neck. His tongue journeyed to her mouth.  
Sephora palmed the side of Sir Pious’ face. She lifted his face.  
“Make love to me, I’ve missed you.”  
Sir Pious scooted back and flopped on his stomach; he opened Sephora’s legs, cupped her buttocks, and lugged her pussy into his face. His tongue snaked inside of her.  
“Oh Sir Pious,” Sephora’s back lifted from off the soft felt laden bed.    
Sir Pious, suckled the inside slicken flesh. He withdrew his tongue and then spit on her pelvis. He kissed her inner thigh, and zigzagged his tongue through a soft patch of downy hairs.  
Sephora placed her palm on top of Sir Pious’ head. She gently mashed his head downward, the small gesture heightened the erotic sensation of him parlaying the inner rails of her womanhood.  
“O…right...right Oooo yes right there.”  
Sir Pious’ tongue dug deeper, his tongue flocked inside her pussy faster.  
“I love you Sir Pious, always.”  
Sir Pious withdrew his tongue. He kissed Sephora’s lower abdomen. His tongue traveled upward; he dipped his tongue around her inverted navel.    
Sephora leaned up and kissed the scars on his chest wall.  
“Sss,” Sir Pious moaned out.  
Sephora bathed Sir Pious’ skin with the tip of her tongue.  
Sir Pious dropped his hand down to his erect tower of flesh.  
Sephora leaned back against the mattress.  
Sir Pious dropped his head forward. He looked down into Sephora’s eyes.  
“I will always love you.”  
He plunged the length of dick inside her.  
“O...” Sephora arched her back.  
The piercing invasion rocked the center of her pleasure principal.  
“Look at me.”  
Sephora looked up at Sir Pious.  
“When you are laying in the king’s bed, I want you to see my face.” He plunged her pussy faster. “Feel my dick dancing inside of you.”  
He gripped the top of the iron cast bed pole.  
“Dammit, I want you, but I cannot have you because, you are betrothal to my king, our ruler.”  
Sir Pious pounded his manhood inside of Sephora’s womanhood with a vengeance.  
“O...Sephora…I…I love you.”  
His sperm crept to surface.  
He leaned down and suckled the tip of Sephora’s breast nipple. He licked around the light-brown landing.  
“Oh…Sir Pious you going to make me cum.”  
He overpowered the nipple inside his mouth, and penetrated his manhood deeper.  
“Oh…you I...I missed you inside of me.”  
Sephora wrapped her legs around Sir Pious’ back.  
Sir Pious kissed Sephora under her chin. He laid on top of her. He lifted a leg and kissed the inner thigh. He withdrew his dick, and the reentered her at an agonizing snail’s pace.  
“Oh…I love you inside of me.”  
Sephora kissed the jagged scar to Sir Pious’ left shoulder blade. Her palms moved over the raised welts to his back.  
“Cum inside me Sir Pious, I need your essence to complete me.”  
“I…I would love too.”  
Sir Pious banged his manhood. He cupped Sephora’s buttocks.  
Sephora’s nails dug into the flesh of his back.  
“Oh…baby…here…here...oh shit.”  
Sir Pious held his groin against Sephora’s pelvis, and ejaculated.  
Sephora, lifted her pelvis. Her nails raked across Sir Pious’ back. She climaxed out of control. Her body vibrated. She held Sir Pious tighter to her.  
“I love you Sir Pious.”  
Sir Pious kissed Sephora tenderly on the lips. He rested his forehead against hers.  
“I need you more than moments like this. I have a castle; the title, Duke of Cromwell, no wife, and no heirs.”  
“I know, but since the king has made me his number one mistress. I see no clear solution for us to be together.”  
Sir Pious inched his body back.  
Sephora linked her arms around his lower back to discourage his escape.  
“Please try to understand.”  
“Understand what? I am fucking the king’s whore.”  
Sephora palmed Sir Pious’ chest and pushed him back.  
“That was a mean thing to say.”  
Sir Pious withdrew his hard dick. He sat on the end of the bed.  
“I can’t do this anymore.” Sir Pious slicked his hand back through his wavy hair. “Maybe we are not meant to be together in this lifetime.”  
“If you do not apologize, the next life either.”  
Sir Pious stood. He bent down and gathered his clothing attire from off the floor. He quickly dressed. He sat down on the bed, and slid his feet into his shoes.  
Sir Pious stood.  
Sephora sat up.  
“Where are you going?”  
He looked down at her honey-due-skin-toned complexion.  
“Somewhere, I can think, without the image of your naked flesh stirring emotions I cannot contain.”  
“What we just shared.”  
“Will never happen again.”  
“Are you in love with Lady Ann?”  
Sir Pious did not answer.  
Sephora throw the duvet back. She got out the bed and stood inches from Sir Pious.  
“I asked you a question.”  
“She has visited my bedchamber.”  
He hated lying to her.  
“Are you in love with this woman?”  
“We have talked about her becoming my mistress.”  
“When were you going to tell me, after the wedding ceremony?”  
“Dammit Sephora, you were the one who choose our beloved king over me.”  
“I do not understand.”  
“Well allow me to refresh your memory. After I saved you from the clutches of King Raphael. King Javiah and his army somehow managed to intervene. I returned you to the king’s bedchamber, as instructed. Somehow you must have been his muse. The next day. He announced to Parliament he has taken you as a mistress.”  
“He made this announcement while I was healing and unconscious.”  
“I would have overlooked that small part, until I walked into the king’s bedchamber, and you two were…you were in a comprising position.”  
Sephora rubbed over her head. She had no recollection of King Javiah making love to her.”  
“I’m so sorry Sir Pious, I cannot remember such things.”  
So maybe she wasn’t imagining his hands tenderly caressing her body, and his lips licking over her breast. And all this time, she thought it was from the opiate elixir the physician poured down her throat.  
Remembering that night. King Javiah and she made passionate love all night long…shit she thought.  
“I see you get the picture.”  
“But I do not love King Javiah.”  
“I wouldn’t let him hear you say that.”  
“What becomes of you and me?”  
“You would go on and become Queen of England and Scotland, and I go on with my duties as the Duke of Cromwell.”  
“Sir Pious, I love you, please. Maybe something could be worked out.”  
“Yes, me quartered and dragged, and you, beheaded.”  
Tears welled up in the pit of Sephora eyes, before falling.  
“Come here.”  
Sir Pious pulled Sephora into his arms.  
“I love you too, but in this lifetime, we both can’t have each other.”  
“What if there was a way for us to be together.”  
He hugged her tighter.  
“I’m all ears.”  
“This is not the life you and I will be happy in. I know we have a future.”  
“Not here we do not, and your hocus pocus bullshit will not help us. I have to go Sephora. I will always love you.”  
He turned and walked toward the door.  
“I think you should get on your horse. I’m sure King Javiah is looking for his whore.”  
“How dare…”  
Sir Pious pulled the door open and walked out.  
Sephora sat on the bed.  
“I know we belong together. I really do love that man.”  
Sephora lifted her clothing items from off the floor and began to dress. She slipped back into her shoes, and then buckled them.  
She looked toward the window.  
Darkness comforted her surroundings.  
Sephora blew the candles out and walked over to the door. She looked around the cozy château she shared with Sir Pious.  
“I will make this happen for us.” She heard thunder in the background. “Shit, that is all I need.”  
Sephora opened the door and walked out the château.  
Several horses confronted her appearance.  
Sephora tried to make out the figures sitting atop of their horses.  
King Javiah looked down at Sephora. She was so beautiful in the moonlight he thought.  
“Apprehend her.”  
Sephora lifted her gown and ran.  
Several of King Javiah’s knights galloped after her.  
Sephora hid behind a boulder size rock.  
“Oh please make this madness stop.”  
She extended her arm and lifted a stone from off the ground. She threw it in the far distance.  
“Over there.”  
She heard several horses galloping away.  
A hand was placed over her mouth.  
“Shhh, I will remove my hand, but be silent.”  
Sir Pious removed his hand.  
Sephora turned around and hugged him.  
“I need you to be very still. King Javiah is canvassing the area like a madman trying to locate you.”  
“I’m going to be beheaded.”  
“Follow my lead. I will get us out of here, all right.”  
Sephora squeezed his hand.  
Sir Pious and Sephora stood. He backed them up.  
“Sir Pious, I’m scared.”  
“I will never allow anything to happen to you.”  
Sir Pious continued to back up.  The back of his head met the tip of a blade.  
“And you were telling my future queen.”  
“It is not wise to speak to a man while his back is turned. If I stand accused, it will be honorable to speak to my accuser face-to-face.”  
King Javiah dropped his sword and slid it back into its scabbard.  
Sir Pious turned around. He stood in front of Sephora.  
“You would bed my future queen behind my back. That is treason against your king, and punishable by death!” King Javiah barked at Sir Pious.  
“King Javiah, allow me to explain,” Sephora slid in.  
She stepped from around Sir Pious.  
“You would after your head is displayed on a pole for adultery.”  
“We are not married, and Sir Pious, has been nothing short of a gentleman to someone who was lost, fell off her horse, and injured her leg.”  
King Javiah looked over at Sir Pious.  
“Is this to be true Sir Pious?”  
“Yes Your Majesty. The lad injured her leg, galloping on the horse. I came upon her wandering in the wilderness, and since this château, was along my travels. I attended to her leg. Once that deed was done. I set out on my own. I heard horses galloping in the distance and to make sure Scotland and England future Queen arrived to her destination safely, I returned to make sure she was not in immediate danger.”  
That goodness, he set her horse free he thought.  
King Javiah looked from Sir Pious to Sephora, and then back at Sir Pious.  
“Your Majesty, I am cold and hungry. I really would like to get back to the castle. I have been out here long enough.”  
Sephora walked away from Sir Pious.  
God, she wanted him so bad she thought.  
King Javiah dismounted his horse. He lifted Sephora up and planted her on his horse.  
“Travel well my king.”  
“I shall say thank you for looking out for my best interest.”  
Sir Pious looked up at Sephora.  
“It was a pleasure.”  
Sephora smiled.  
King Javiah mounted his horse and settled his presence behind Sephora. He gathered his arm around Sephora’s waist with one arm and took control of the reins with his other hand. He flanked his horse, and galloped off.  
Sir Pious turned and walked back to his horse.  
God he was still in love with her.  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 15th Jan 2022
Author's Note
I have never known a more vulgar expression of betrayal and deceit.

Lucien Bouchard
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