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Raspberry Lipgloss

Raindrops clung to the glass of the bus shelter. Seeds of liquid silver illuminated by the glow of the streetlights. We had almost made it there before the deluge started, running hard the last 50 meters, but in vain as the clouds opened up to sprinkle us like holy water. We both laughed as we shivered and made it to cover. I couldn’t help noticing the way your drenched summer dress clung to your curves. Especially your breasts, which were accentuated by the wet, clingy material… and your nipples, pert and alert, saluting like a raw cadet.

“I’m freezing,” you said. So I pulled you in close in an attempt to provide you with some measure of warmth. But what I really wanted was those divine tits of yours resting against my chest. You had a knowing look in your eyes as I enveloped you in my arms.

Mist hung suspended in the cool evening air as rain fell from the midnight sky. The pitter-patter of it hitting the concrete accompanied the sound of your breathing. The scent of your shampoo was reignited by the rain, and it utterly filled my senses. God, you looked so beautiful at that moment. Two hearts beat in rhythm as the world seemed to fall away. Your wet hair clung to your cheeks as you stood shivering. I could feel the goosebumps on your skin as I held you.

“What happened to the car?” you asked.

“I don’t know,” I replied. “There was plenty of gas in it. I’ll have to get it towed in the morning.

For a few moments, I gazed into your eyes. An ocean of liquid blue intensity that I could drown in for an eternity. I made a slight movement to kiss you but hesitated. You held my gaze and waited.

Your sanguine lips parted slightly as I slowly closed in, my lips gently brushing against yours. Time slowed in that instant, blood flowed stronger, pulses raced as our warm breath mingled together. My tongue made a tentative exploratory swirl and was met by yours doing the same.

A taste of raspberries flooded my palate from your lipgloss. The sweetness in my mouth made my knees tremble. You pulled me closer to your curves, the scent of your perfume intoxicating. There was no rushing at this moment. You pushed into me so my left leg was between yours and mine… and I felt your warmth in the cold.

I enjoyed the warmth as my tongue grazed your bottom lip. Your body relaxed, satisfyingly, your lips parted in anticipation of more. My tongue delved into your mouth again, probing your warm, wet, inviting world.

There was no resistance as your tongue swirled against mine. The pounding in my chest filled my ears as I looked into your blue eyes. No deceit existed as we stood and held each other. Nothing could have shattered that moment.

Then the bus showed up.

Two days later, when I answered the phone as I walked home late, your sister was on the other end, telling me how you’d been killed in a crosswalk by a speeding vehicle.

Tears ran down my cheeks as I stopped in the street, seeds of liquid silver illuminated by the glow of the streetlights, and all I could remember was the lingering taste of raspberry lipgloss.
Written by HamBone42
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