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Intimate Inmate (Part 2)

Another day like any other for that broken-hearted girl  
Serving twenty-five behind the prison wall
Trying not ta smile as she steps into shower stall
Knows Becky-Ann finna be on da prowl.
Puts down her towel, but before she can strip  
Feels the grip of cuffs around her wrists  
Leading her around the corner  
Down a dark corridor she ain't seen before  
Becky-Ann whispers in her intimate inmate's ear
"I hear ya been causin' trouble  
With this pretty lil bubble of a butt
Spreadin' rumors 'bout how you're my slut."
Now Becky-Ann had this plan for a while  
Since that first night been wantin' ta  
Fuck her Intimate Inmate right
Creaming at her seam to have her  
Brunette make her pussy wet  
Yup, it seems she's about to cash her bet.  
"Your punishment goes as follows:
We're headin' to the Gallows  
Soya can put ya head in my thong  
Until I fucking scream a song  
And don't be mean, clean the cream"  
That broken-hearted girl wonders  
What awaits behind the solid-looking door
Surprise, surprise its the dream of a whore!  
Feels when libido rise as she eyes the  
Leather, ropes, shackles, chains  
Whips and cock-shaped thangs
Then almost trips when Becky-Ann  
Shoves her to the corner and begins to strip.
Busty tits with swollen tips  
Bust free from see-through bra  
Best damn rack dat Brunette ever saw.  
Now Becky-Ann draws in tight  
Makin' her bite her lip and lose her mind  
Slowly grinds dat ass between
Her Inmate's thigh.
That broken-hearted girl didn't know
She was bi, but my oh my  
Does she wanna devour  
The bare flower she has before her.
Kneeling down happy to be the inspector  
Of Becky-Ann's pussy necter.
Starting slow justa please, a playful tease  
But quickly parting the seas.
Becky-Ann feels her pleasure growing  
Throws her head back groaning  
At her Intimate Inmate's sucking and licking  
Now the heat begins ta soar  
Makin' her scream like a goddamn whore  
When she feels tongue tickling clitoris.
Few seconds later she's ready to shatter  
Singing a chorus like she's writing a thesaurus.
Now her Intimate Inmate's face is a  
Sticky mess, best for her to undress.  
Becky-Ann back in control,  
Regains her aggressive role  
Tearing and ripping prisoner's robes  
Gropes a breast, grabs dat ass, licks her cat  
Then turns the water on full blast.
Nah this ain't the last of the fun,  
Becky-Ann just needs to get a cock-y gun😉
Written by Poetic_Seduction
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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