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jennes Mitchell

"lie... to make an untrue statement "

Jennes Mitchell,

Assistant producer.
STV News.

Article 2019

"Missing hill walker told rescue team to leave her in the wild".
That is a lie.

Eskdalemuir forest is a man made pine plantation.
Therefore it is not "wild".
It is a cultivated forestry development which is inhabited by various individuals, families as well as a famous Buddhist monastery.

"Said she did not want to be found"
That is a lie.

"Comes from Carsethorn"
That is a lie.

"Her rescuers"
I did not need rescuing.
That is a lie.

I was sitting in front of one of the nicest bothies in Scotland drying my socks on the stove minding my own business when a off duty police man popped in and suggested I halt my 400km odd trail 15 km from the finish and let him , a complete stranger in the middle of a forest plantation , drive me back... That was not going to happen.

Apologies to the police man who's fragile ego was dented when I refused him his few seconds of fame.
Boo Hoo George/ John ...whatever.
I suspect his false statement was borne of sour grapes.

As a result of the false statements I add...

I believe the police officer author is a liar.

As Jennes MItchell wrote the false article and, according to the first newspaper clipping, could not be bothered to find out the other side of the story, I believe, she perpetrated the lie.

As such...

I believe, with the information I was presented with, and knowing the truth, Jennes Mitchell must also be a liar?
Or incompetent?


What is it with gossip?

I am drawn to the quote;

"Bullshit travels at the speed of boredom"
"liars, liars pants on fire".


Get a life Jennes.

See the world, go do something out your comfort zone, climb a mountain, take a few months to understand the difference between the "wild" and a man made forest plantation,

In conclusion.
 To all those flappy tongued gossips of dreary, grey concrete habitations...

Rag readers...

There is a big old world out there.
A big, big old world.

There is more to life than designer sunglasses, reading tabloid poop, stepping over pavement kebab vomit, tinky winky handbags and perpetrating malicious wap dribble.

Written by tomyaccusers (jacqueline bywater)
Author's Note
A pinch of salt required?
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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