Long term study.

  Year 2050    
''Here we are. Two newly bornd.  Twins?''    
  ''Twins? Not exactly''.    
  ''What do you  mean?''    
   ''Well, one, named Anna was born at 23:47 on the last day of last year. Her sister Maria was born at 00:14 this year''.    
   ''What does it matter, reallly.  We're scientists, not astrologists''.    
   ''It could affect the results, you know''.    
   ''Oh, please.  It's not like we're selecting two kids from totally different age groups''.    
   ''As you wish, doctor''.    
   So the microscopic implants were prepared for the continuing study to find out if one could predict if a person was a born killer or not.  Ten thousand children to be espied over a period of twenty years.  Some children received the    
A-6101 implant, others were injected with the A-6110 placebos.  A small injection at the base of the neck and that was that.    
In the present case, baby Anna received the A-6101 implant and her sister Maria the A-6110 placebo.    
     Year 2070  
   The Summer of 2070 was a happy time for the twins.  Separately, living in different  parts of town, they each met a man, not knowing that the person they met also had a twin.  Twins of forty years of age.   When Maria told her sister that she had found the love of her life, Anna was estatic.  Both marrying handsome, professionals, and quite wealthy men.  A life of ease.  Travels.  Five star hotels.  Spas on rooftops.  
   But as time went by, also the restrictions for Anna.  Her husband  insisting on having access to her phone.  ''Your NIP, dear'', said with a menacing look in his eyes.  At times,  while shopping in town,  she felt uneasy.  As if being watched, being followed.  But when she turned aroiund there was just nobody suspicious to be seen.  Yet she was right.  Her husband had hired a firm and detectives were fpllowing her  every move.  
   ''I'm sick of this, darling. i feel like I'm in a prison here''"  
   ''That is not so, sweet pea.  I lo ve you so much. You are like the most precious jewel on the planet''.  
   The ''jewel'' started to suffocate.  
   One day, Anna was allowed to go meet a girlfriend for lunch at Le Cochon Doré downtown.  The finest cuisine. Hair kiss with Claire and, after a while, and as pre-arranged,  Anna got up to go to the powder-room, exited through the kitchen door and jumped aboard a big blck BMW.  Claire was trying to help her to new life with a recent acquaintance found on an highly recommended  internet dating site.  
   Sadly though, her husband being such a total control freak, he had  bugs planted in her purses as well as in her shoes.   He knew exactly where she was all the time.
   And thus the beatings started.  And continued.  And lasted.  Until. barely five years in the marriage she was able to get the drugs she wanted, put them in his glass of Rhum and,  once he was asleep, she got the sharpest kitchen knife around, let loose her rage and stabbed him forty times.
   Shortly thereafter, the cops at the other end of town got a call for a disturbance at a fancy residence in a nearby gated community.
   When they arrived at the  scene they found the local gard  waiting for them.
   ''Good evening, sir''.
   ''Good evening, gentlemen.  I got a call from  a neighbor.  Lots of noise.  Very unusual for this area. Then she heard the shots.  She could not tell how many''"
   ''And all is quiet since?''
   ''Too quiet, if you ask me.  I have the keys, if you want to go have a look''.
   ''Yes,  Let's go''.
   As they entered the residence, one of the cops called out:  ''Mrs Kayne?   Mrs Maria Kayne?''
   ''Yes.  I'm up here. I was  waiting for you.  I just shot the bastard dead''.
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
Published | Edited 6th Jan 2022
Author's Note
The human mind is a very very very strange and complicated thing.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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