[ On Poetry ] Once upon a time

in the far off realm    
known as the Internet      
there were these two trolls        
under the Highway Bypass  
leading readers around and away  
from the Pink Palace of Poetitude        
Whenever it suited them        
they tore into writers passerbying        
with toothy tusked harsh criticisms        
of amateur verse such as        
"Don't quit your day job, Pedophile!"        
shredded those who proposed        
opposing political thought        
while tossing in the occasional        
"I've forwarded these links        
to the F.B.I. you terrorist        
and impassionately defended        
!'Merica! and !Freedom of Speech!        
but only because they believed      
this granted them a free hall pass      
to be so vocally obnoxious        
Yet, when it came to forging        
fresh poetry of their own        
framing devices . . .        
the anvil was rarely struck        
or hot to begin with        
As years passed, it became  
more blatantly obvious than ever       
by what few crusty ink quill tips        
were strewn like heroin needles
under the bridgework that Poetry        
was never their priority        
as well as their forte        
Please, my young Bards        
keep this tale in mind        
should you ever encounter        
such beastly behaviors        
on your journeys;        
you can easily spot such cretins    
from a mile away, for anyone    
who knows a thing or two        
about Poetry will have        
more than an arrow or two        
in their quiver        
Those with years of vitriol    
and idle hands won't  
Now, as per your original request        
for directions, you are better off      
continuing down Main Street      
and making a left at . . .        
Written by JohnnyBlaze
Published | Edited 17th Jan 2022
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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