The Train Station Trope Except She Doesn’t Look Back

An addict.  
A steeping hug to sweeten the cold goodbye they were left with. He lathered her in his familiar scent of Old Spice & nights curled up kissing on the couch. Her pink nails gripped the back of his head, signaling the downpour of goosebumps across his back. A horn wailed from behind, and a flurry of people gathered to the yellow line.

The two let go and she walked off, leaving him with the lingering view of her breath dancing among the bitter winter air.  
The distant clank of the train evaporated with every step of ripped-sneaker hitting the tungsten-lit pavement, the feeling of intimacy dissipating with it too. He climbed into his dim, soggy Civic.  
Her voice on the phone had been his favorite song to turn up louder on his nightly commutes. Her M&M chapstick kisses were the sweet confectioneries his own lips couldn’t deny. Her giggles kept him young and her worries made him grow up. Above all else, her hugs were the hardest to quit.  
Taken from his hands, & tossed down the dirty sink. Her careful caress consumed his mind in the late hours of the night; driving him restless, uneasy beneath the endless space made up of disheveled sheets & once-shared mattress.  
He was convinced ‘just one more hug’ and the heavy pain in his shoulders would dissolve into lethargy & buzz. He lusted after this fantasy that wrapped tight around his skull, like a headache that won’t shake; looping that night over and over and over and..  
Going back to the train station. The smell of stale cigarettes. Snowflakes stuck to her eyelashes. Her nose bright red. God, she was so cute. The very moment she separated her body from his, and turned around. Did she think about looking back?  
It had been almost a year.  
He wasn’t an addict, no no. Simply a wounded, grief-stricken man in desperate search for a remedy.
Written by shad00n
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