Dark :30pm

So fukin what
if it was a doc giving Hitler the shot You can have at it
with having a bad habit
with the white rabbit
 You can take a stab at it or
 you can stab it and grab it
 but once you have it
 you've had it
 It doesn't matter if you are
 a hospital or in a dump or
 a bunker hiding like a chump
 or if you are as high as
 Adolfus fukin Hitler
 or as rich as
 Donald J Trump
 or as dumb as
 Forest mf'n Gump
 Dope still dope and
 a bump still a bump
 A double toke for the joke
 Navigate through the smoke
 A pipe plumb full of dope
 Recalibrate the scope
 Take a look see for hope nope
 Up in smoke call the Pope
 The fat lady choked
 That's all she wrote
 So fuk leaving a note
 as I cope down the slope to the rope
 Hanging from the hereafter
 Before I die if I had one wish
 It would be to go out with a goodbye kiss
 Maybe see a tear or two to know that I will be missed
 It would be first on my list
 if had a bucket list
 As for that I ain't counting on this
 So oh well fuk it
 When it is my time to kick it
 I am going to kick
 the fuq out the bucket
 Ignorance is bliss piss on the list
 Imperishable thoughts of her still remain here
 Long after the matter thereafter
 I knew something was the matter
 My mind became master
 Faster than I could get past her
 Is this the aftermath with the
 period put on the paragraph
 On the path I passed after
 the last factor from
 the math after
 the last disaster
 Or is it the last laugh
 In the last chapter with
 the rath after the last act
 with the last actors
 When the fat lady sang last
 and then the
 fat bastard slapped her
 The shards of broken glass
 Grimly shimmering
 From the gathering of the shattering
 Whispering chittering chatter
 With a swaggering stagger
 As a double-edged dagger
 Does anyone else see the elephant In the room or am I just high
 Oh yeah that's the relevance
 of the Intelligent elephant
 and his embellishment of elegance
 The characters in my brain disperse
 Bickering they scatter
 From worst to first
 I can still hear the bastards laughter
 I have run amok I have gotten stuck
 Now I am shit outta luck and fux and such
 It is crucially critical that I get to the crux of the crisis
 Where everything ends in ices
 and nothing suffices
 Spliced lightning strikes thrice
 The dots on dice precise
 Wise advice is simply this
 Be clear and concise
 be advised Vise the devices
 Starve to fukin death your vice's
 Twice as nice as the spice in rice is
 Higher prices per slice entices
 Where everything ends in ices
 as nothing suffices
 It dawned on me right at dusk
 From way out the yonder
 When in I did wander
 Without trust Just how much
 fonder I have become
 Of what l squandered
 which was us
 As I dishonored what I held
 most dear out of fear
 and just for lust
 Clearly here I hear inside me
 This is discussed
 From that day on with much disgust
 From the busted trust and the flustered lust
 It seems a must that every day's been cussed
 The thoughts even now
 Of the why and the how
 Makes my head bow as
 Out loud I still cuss
 My mind tongue tied stays on a stuttering tangent
 Sitting on a fence understandably
 intangibly it rants
 With the how I can's
 and the why's I can't
 Getting so intense so entranced the trance enhanced
 Pondering by the bonfire In the full moonlight
 Then in slips the eclipse in the dead of night
 Bewildered in the wilderness
 what a befuddling sight
 Higher than a Nazi in the Third Reich
 8ballz to the wall like a cocky Kamikaze on his second flight
 As for me myself and I aside
 I am beside myself tonight
 The upside's inside the outside
 I slide to side to side to slide
 Back then forth hollow eyed I ride
 I cannot turn the tide where the darkness does abide
 My sides implode so much obliged as they decide to collide
 It's fly or die I've arrived deprived
 No I am not dead I've Survived unalive
 I've tried to thrive
 From out of all this derived
 I've tried and tried
 Now my hands are tied
 Into the divided I dive
 Insight is found nowhere in sight
 From every side hides the light as I incite
 In the dark to enlight in disquiet delight
 I excite to invite in the night
 Despite much fright still left to write
 I have reached my stride and height with might
 Inside I fight i smite and bite
 My many sides so wide and tight
 Without a single side
 That is bright
Written by zinnzinn (ZINNNNIZ)
Published | Edited 12th Mar 2022
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