Severing Ties

I thought about calling you
Thought about everything from what I would say if you were to answer the phone and if you didn’t
Hell I even thought about how long the text would be if I even decided to send it
This was until I though about what the outcome would be
To be in your presence although would be amazing
I am not sure if I would want to be lied too…again
How many times must a person say that they don’t want you before you actually believe them?
In reality I would say once but when in your feelings it is really multiple
And from there you have to continue to tell yourself no
I have to continue to tell myself no
Because it does not matter what I want to say I am not him…I can never be him
From the brief glances and the small smirks I have already picked up on your game
Felt the burn on my hand, and although it was some time ago the heat still remains
Radiating from my finger tips like a furnace emitting heat
I can close my eyes and immediately see your face
Yet as quickly as you appear you disappear, like a flash of lightning
And if these words never radiate within the most inner parts of your ears
I want you to know that what I had for you was as pure as ice
Crystal clear untouched by the hands of the sins that we continuously commit
Pure thoughts was what brought me to you and honesty is going to deliver me from your grasp
Even though my flesh is wanting me to cast all of these doubts to the side and run to you
I find myself too sensitive to remain around you
While unintentionally blocking every blessing that is trying to attach itself to me
In hindsight I knew at some point I would have to make a decision
I guess in a way I felt that if I were to continue to wait
Things would have turned out differently
I was wrong
Written by BlkLyrycE
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