How principled is the dictator that wages wars against his or her own people with a single decree
How skilled is the warrior that slaughters their own kin, cause they're unguarded without them
How discerning are the armies that wipeout entire townships and steal the commodities they exploit to outsiders
How reverent is any member of the elite that deceives the people they're sworn to protect
The sentiments of each vary but the story stays the same
The State makes a lot of money off of its poor citizens and their babies
This abrasive insane asylum we've named society explains nothing so you've really gotta think outside of the fuckin' box cause the Ops don't sleep
Knock on your door at 6 in the morning
As Orwell relayed in "1984" about the Thought Police
That shit is already here, it's called Social Media
Computer systems and hackers capture your data along with your browser history then market suggested topics of interest to you
Fuck around and go down a wormhole of propaganda and the latest fashionable headwear
The public was inundated with this information decades ago but because it wasn't in our faces we didn't give a fuck so now look at us

I care about the children and how poverty affects them
I care bout these ghost guns, you know the ones you can build yourself without a serial number and knock off anyone who can attest to your whereabouts
Voting rights are restricted amongst other things like; hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and a pandemic
Any disaster can strike at any minute and we're still unprepared as a nation
So, to reiterate:
How Just is any system that dismisses the victims then paints them as predators
How loyal are the businesses that make promises on product reliability but leave people sick or dependent
How impartial are the structures that use grandiose verbage to keep us segregated yet "equal"
How sway of any organization that profits from discrimination issues within a community to further marginalize those people and reap the benefits from the humiliation of others
The OPS are coming for you and me
I'll leave off with this, every idea evolves and recycles through different lines of thinking, we all circumvent to secure our versions of reasoning but the lines of Barbary and civilization are so blurry
What will make the people see?
Written by Ashley_M_Hardy (Cashley Marie)
Author's Note
An OP is someone who is in opposition to you. Reasons why someone is an OP varies
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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