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Society’s Paroxysm Child…

(Buddhology Lesson 1 of 3)
The labyrinth of deceitful deities we give allegiance in the merit
Cubic zirconia never to reach that five carat
Blacken expressions of buried insight prowling on earth in this time
To bring the four corners of the world to one existence not found by its obliviousness's designs
Confusion, cruelty of the spiritual creed to give credence to intellects to remain strong to believe
Lackluster words to encourage the deep seas or the earth to move
Too inexperience by rite to cuddle society in the valley of the shadow of death only loud mental frailty speaks the blues
Ideology patented from the back of muesli boxes to take comfort in
Hypocritical knowledge in the stench of hellish sin
In the cathedral of Buddhology quiet heads bowed to the communion incense slowly burns
Falsehood kneels at the altar, lack of knowledge churns
A low energy vibration not worthy or voracious enough to give the masses what they need, yearn
In the realm of time, uplift toward the radiant light to tell of stories before the silence of the Grave or the Urn
Give me liberation from the tongue of confessions of ancient scrolls foretold
Tell me something I do not know of old
Live within the beautiful mural of the mind to tell listening souls of the Native’s loss of sacred land
Smallpox invading reservations not by their hands  
Scrambled words trap in the filth for which a disability mentality homes
Hindered and lost in the maze when you cannot even begin to understand how we all can atone
The world still waiting for that enlightened one
Black, white, brown where have the theological or superiority gone
Yoruba Religion of that old soul sings divinity’s songs
Judgmental holds no merit to the wind
It only blows out heat when flames ascend
Scribbled ideas devoid of sanctification by the blessed stars
The imagination when at rest, thriving, it can stretch wide and far
Darkened in unrest, demigods’ hovers, ideology misplaced where it larks  
Most dimwitted beings are so selfish to know how to teach  
Quicker to the slaughter for the ones who stand, fall, and get back up to testimonial preach
Valor, deliverance becomes the emote from what you have wrote
Yet still a celestial sleeper if your mind is not fully awoken
Open the door to the world and step outside and reach of greater significant once spoken
Scream to the mountains behind the sheets that once marched in streets
Compassion in echoes, let me hear reflections like you laid in those gas chambers
Unlock the mystical doctrine of the Three Kings’ travels to witness the myth or miracle laying in the manger
Can your mind even yonder your ponders beyond the stars, skies
Do you even know your purpose seen through the Creator’s eyes
Can your spiritual chant in the grace of universal rants
Bow to the muses to hear your ancestral’ s guidance to tell you, renounce the word, I can’t
If you are not one with self, the universal, the axis as it shifts
You will never be able to wrap your mind around the concept of any of this
Step aside, too many souls vying for that beautiful ascending gift
Neuf vies eight asunder a tabby spurned in hell
Solve the sovereignty of existence to riddle of life’s puzzles without the whys, the one Heaven cannot seem to sell
In the feast of obscurity, we are all the same, whereas one could never tell
To the eyes that see and ears who hear
Society’s paroxysm child who wavers unjustly to laminate a jester’s tears
Are you the rumbling storm, a roaring thunder to conform
Cradle in the bosom of the art to know thy truth is the mouth that readily speaks
Freedom from the prisoned idle mind which that does not
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.

Malala Yousafzai
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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