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How to Fuck a Woman

Most people practice sex but do not enjoy sex
In Africa you talk about sex, itís against the morals so itís an Ex
Most men fuck women without satisfying their sexual needs
And most women want us to be to porn stars in bed, where do you expect me to learn all the tricks
When I was a boy I had to steal my Fathers cash to fuck you
I could not spank that ass if I had no cash
Prostitutes give you pussy with limits, she hates your dick all she loves are the shillings.
Why is it important to fuck that pussy really good?
1.   †You will enjoy the best pussy ever, if you get her in the mood
2. † † †For fucking her well, Her B.FFís would want to fuck with you
3. † † †Pussy is like a car, Drive it well, it takes you, where you want to, if you donít know how to drive, others will drive it for you
4. † † †Fuck that pussy tight, it will be tight fixed to you.
5. † † †If you want to be a pussy legend, take her to a banana island and liberate her pussy hole, fuck that pussy like it has never been fucked before. Treat her like a queen, love her like a sister and fuck her like a hoe.
We live in a world, where everyone, where everyone wants to fuck your girl
Your friend cannot wait to fuck your girlfriend when he gets chance
Your cousin maybe hitting that pussy behind your back
Your sister canít be trusted these days, she may have interests too
Your father and Grandfather would sponsor your girl and push that level further
Your mother is the only one who has no issues with your girl but she may hate her.
So letís not beat around the bush, letís go straight in the Forest
These are the techniques of fucking your girl.
Wait the problem with men, hitting that pussy for 15 seconds, itís okay to get their 15 seconds of fame.
Women want that dick for 15 hours or rather 15 days.
 † † †She needs to feel comfortable with you to fuck you
She needs to trust you, she needs to feel its worth to risk, if her pussy should dance with your dick.
We call this the build stage, everything you say, every phone call, every message text, itís a turn on for that perfect sex.
 † † †Right positions Matter
Itís body to body, skin to skin, Meat to meat
While fucking her the missionary way, make sure you lie on top of her
Your hands at the back of your shoulders because itís body to body, skin to skin
While fucking her Doggy style, kiss her neck, Touch your chest to her back, while she is riding you, upper bodies should be parallel, Grab her ass, and move her up and down.
Point to note, Reverse cowgirl, sideways doggy style do not require much skin but she will enjoy the dick.
 † † †DOMINANCE.Yeah women love more Alpha male
Confidence is the best dick for a female.
Donít ask her to give you head, give her head
Donít ask her to get into sex positions, Transform her into that position.
Spank that ass, these women to be fucked hard.
 † † †FOREPLAY is not for play
Kiss and caress her erogenous zones. Lips, Neck, breast, stomach and inner thighs.
Give her a sexual message feel her female beauty, let her smile.
Finger that pussy, lick that pussy, switch it up, Role playÖwill inspire some of her juices on the way.
 † † †Good Stamina, if the pussy gets tough only the toughest will bomb it.
How to last longer; Be in the moment, control your breathing, switch lanes, Navigate for 20-30 seconds, I was hit with all these facts so I can it your pussy.
Written by JAITO (Magic poemz)
Author's Note
i was inspired by how women complain that men do not satisfy them
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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