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Mm.. Itís Just Mind Over Matter...

One heartbeat, I hear so close  
Silently echoed, tenderly felt than most  
By choice, feelings are lost, yet found  
Lips not felt, yet longings make caressing sounds  
If I could harvest your mind, a cookbook to follow of mental loving  
Such enticing intense heat, to preheat any cold oven  

The say the mind is a terrible thing to waste  
I have the wine, the silk sheets, mind to mind for an intoxicating taste  
Can I get inside your beautiful mind  
Make sweet love to it as if it was only mine  
Enrich it with seductive sentimental lines  
Circle it around the world to glimpse heavenís beautiful sunrise  
Knowledgeable in your mental capacity to explain the creation and its glories whys  

If I can sequester my thoughts in your mind, telepathy to feel, bath in your emotions I will sweetly pursue  
Body separated, yet, over the horizon, thoughts sing sweet melodies as soft as the blanket of morning dew  
Give me an inch... you got me... mmm... †craving for more  
Window open softly closed door  
Words feasted upon for a cerebral cortex to adore  
A banquet of words to satisfy the palate, as weakened emotions overspill galore  

Mind over matter  
Pain, Love, the mind coats its distress in sheer laughter  
I will always believe we fall for the mind  
The body only plays out its pleasurable designs  
Without the mind the body has no desire  
A blended regale held prisoner by the mindís hidden flaming fires  

Can I romance your mind  
Proposal behind such a beautiful reason and rhyme  
The first dance will outlast the hunger to suspend time  
The first touch as your mind caress as intellectual spurring feverishly climbs  
Tropical sands beneath our feet
Soulful engagement in the height of bliss upon the greet
Minds sharing, minds blending, beliefs of its nature always lending  

Can I have the gifts of your mind  
Wrap it in bow  
Once opened ahhÖthe wondrous thoughts as it beautifully flows  
Thoughts of the mind for only me to feel as the world reaps the benefit from what it sows  
Colors blend in ecstasy as dancing in merriment off an arched rainbow  
Can I marry your mind in the realm of time  
Take it on a honeymoon  
Slowly sipping on it while glancing in your eyes on a Giza sand dune
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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