The Golden Dragon

The wild dragon
Drew a dragons breath
Gazing at the dark grey sky
Opened its wings, and began to fly

Silently, it soared
Its gilded golden wings
Gliding with the breeze
A hungry flight, she couldn't appease

She cut through the clouds
To seek out the sun
Camouflaged, by her golden glow
Breathing out, a rekindled firey flow

As her torched, and torturous body
Now invigorated, she flew back to her cave
Within her concave eyes, lay a tapestry, of deep blue hues
As flames, from her ochre pastel tongue, grew

This fire, melted the gold within
This golden syrup, swamped over the jewels
The dragon leapt into this colourful mire
Which stuck to her golden scales, as she breathed out more fire

She climbed out of this river, of jewels, and gold
Now laden with emeralds, blue, and red diamonds rubies, and sapphires
Then sat upon her golden dragon throne
Now completely attired, and completely alone

Her golden tears, like a flowing brook
Were like the pages, of an unwritten tome
She wept, in the silence of the night
A sad, and tragic, yet beautiful sight

She abandoned her chambers, her hallowed, yet hollow hall
Venturing out, into the soft quietness
Lifting up her wings, ready to fly
When she saw a purple dragon pass her bye

She called to this dragon, with a dragons voice
An echoing silence, under a now still, cloudless moon
The purple dragon, heard her call, and flew to her side
They spoke for an eternity, where time was denied

They shared tales, of centuries now passed
As she spoke, the purple dragon, changed colour, into red
They lifted their wings, and flew into the night
Into a different realm, no longer in site

Long gone now, the two dragons
Other than a golden egg, within an empty cave
Vanished dragons, not vanquished, a left over dream
The egg cracked open, and out stepped a dragon, a beautiful cream

by Jemia

Written by missjem56 (Jemia de Blondeville)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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