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Image for the poem Her sensual Dance is complete

Her sensual Dance is complete

Her sensual Dance is complete  

She stands still waiting  
Knowing I look and watch her  
Bated Breath, I stare.  

Bare foot on the deck  
The yacht bathed in the moonlight  
The sky star sprinkled.  
The music begins  
Softly playing, she sways and  
Seductively moves  
Her dress swirls around  
Her hips, dancing and teasing  
She looks so divine  
A pretty Goddess  
Supple, agile and sexy  
Mesmerizing me  
As she moves, she shows  
Her sin… she wears no panties!  
Flashing her trimmed snatch  
Delicious and fun  
Naughty, wicked and sinful  
No bra too, it seems!  
Licking my lips, I  
Devour her with my eyes and  
My thoughts are carnal!  
Her moves purposely,  
Seducing imagery  
Of lust and fucking  
Her body writhes in  
Dance – a reflection of need  
And wanton passion  
The moonlight bathes her  
Enhancing her true beauty  
She transfixes me!  
Then with one swift move,  
She drops her dress, revealing  
Her natural beauty  
Pert breasts standing proud  
Nipples erect in sea breeze  
A curvaceous girl  
Slim waist, flat stomach  
Full round bottom and long legs  
A moonlit beauty  
I Want her – Its true.  
To ravish and conquer her  
To make her mine, MINE!  
The dance continues  
Showing to best advantage  
Her sexy body  
In doing so though,  
She gives away her secret  
Her wet arousal!  
I beckon her to  
Me, she obeys wondering…  
Taps her legs to part  
She responds and spreads  
And I insert a sex toy  
A vibrating egg  
She catches her breath  
As I push the egg in her  
Vagina channel  
I have the remote!  
And wave her away to dance  
Her pussy clenching  
Wickedly, I play,  
Turning the remote control  
Low, high and repeat  
She dances and gasps  
Moist arousal on her thighs  
Scented and sexed up  
The True Dance of Sin -  
Base and raw in the moonlight  
Her heavy scent wafts  
Her body heated  
Her need and desire full on  
Nude, wet and breathless  
Never has she looked  
So pretty and fuckable  
My cock pulses hard!  
“Cum for me.” I say  
And turn up the vibrator  
“Touch yourself for me”  
And she does on deck  
Open for all to see her!  
If they cared to look!  
She is my fine slut!  
Mewling in her wanton state,  
Careless who sees.  
She rubs her pussy,  
Fucking her hand, titties groped,  
Dancing sexily!  
Her moans grow louder  
Her thrusting is more profound  
Her goal is climax  
Faster, deeper now  
Moans and groans and mewls are loud  
A female in heat  
She revels in my stares  
Turned on by my eyes watching her  
Basking in her naughty  
Her pleasure builds up  
Breathless, ratcheting higher  
Close now to cumming  
Naked and barefoot  
Her silvery figure dancing  
Her explosion bursts!  
She screams her pleasure  
With my name upon her lips  
Her clit vibrating  
The egg still twitching  
Inside of her vagina  
I turn it down slow  
She dances and falls  
Into my arms, exhausted  
Her climax complete  
Softly I cradle her  
And kiss her warm forehead with care -  
Her sensual Dance is complete.
Written by nutbuster (D C)
Author's Note
In spired my SKC Enticing Moves
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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