Dead Dog Groomer

Everything comes full circle
At war with yourself
Projecting insecurity
Externalize your battle
As you treat me like your enemy

Thereís nothing that enchants
Quite like the romance of tragedy
When your scars are cadence
To the filter of your sanity

Indulge your delusion
As I embody your devil
Traps set of bitterness
I wonít stoop to your level

You wonít let this dead dog lie
Play fetch with the corpse
As you fashion your alibi
Guiltless for your pride
You kill us to defend
Is all I ever was to you
But a means to an end

Accusations forged of assumption
Frame me in the narrative of a criminal view
If I am the culprit in your work of fiction
Tell me, what does that make you

Play victim to the life you chose
When consequence is never what you deserve
Acting entitled to my sentiments
I forgive you again but youíve got some nerve

Iíve tried or so I thought
Whatís authentic or pretense to appease
Coerced to embrace on the terms of broken endearment
No way to heal when you love your disease

Caught dwelling on what dwells in me
This feeling of being robbed of home
I try to compensate for what is lost
But there are still some demons I face alone

Substitute love songs sung to a generic melody
Feeling ashamed of all thatís beyond my control
Wishing upon an extinguished star
The hopes we place on dead endeavors is suicide of the optimists soul

All Iíve left are the remains of what I want that can never be
But Iím not yours to blame for you
And your mistakes are not mine to blame for me
Cut from the same cloth of lust and infidelity

Wired to medicate our relative sorrows
A future in want for what is not
Is the vain hope of our vacant tomorrowís
For the dreams that this life forgot

In moments of honesty
The words subside
As I speak true to what I try to hide
Just to put it out there
Faking happiness behind synthetic smiles
What will it take to heal
When time is inadequate to mend these wounds
But the safety of silence and further miles

Weíre not the family that I once knew
For the disenchantment of a childhood rendezvous
You stand as a memorial of the boy that I outgrew
And I feel ashamed to be associated with the likes of you

Youíve got a way of making old scars bleed
But your approval is something that I donít need
When your dominated by your insecurity
And upon the broken you feed
I wonít cater to your root of bitterness
And let it reproduce, I am not your seed...
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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