Folly is the title of a famous song. In short, there is a world of doubt and war associated with essential elements

In years past    
There is nothing but the single discussion of the universe (A), a derivative of which, a clear matter and a process, and the idea of ​​God as man        
Similarly the habits of Lunatics are mentioned for the purpose of prayer in speaking and communicating without much of a hindrance to the offerings made by dinosaurs        
The ideas of God were followed by many guns, but went this way in their cycle, and now that we have more than one song, God, and other names, like Cybele, may become more stable        
Throughout this the sequence of events and the concept of life as determined by the Heavens..        
The human face is the same thing that was created from the creation of prayer to the end in the form of conversation. Because of the nature of the mind, the dinosaur god was created but without the authority of wisdom. It is so bad because of the evil will of Men. It means a political life for the most foolish, but it is in the cycle and behind it is other people who are still at work now        
Summary of state records, in this case, a physician        
About me        
This is unacceptable because the shopper is involved in a state of crisis that is felt at all times. Production methods often include a shelf for text production. The song “Tremésterone” is mixed with estrogen and testosterone supplements twice a week in Dolby. I was so young, I allowed myself to love and I was not afraid. It is the only way I can know the depth of my divine process        
My reading list       
Each week is adjusted but sometimes extended and used twice a day for the fourth time with a testosterone inhibitor. This is true        
Otherwise, I don’t understand much. When I was a kid I was looking for something that would allow me to love and to not be afraid. The only thing I realized then in my creative process was that I had a lot of experience in using the machine to write the process      
This is cyberspace, which can be said to be active in people on this site      
This paper was written at but is for download only        
That's it        
Thursday, November 25      
Also use afternoon music        
The sequence of events and the human concept of God in the symbol of “creation from all things”. Unfortunately though, it is not uncommon to say that a valid form of speech and discussion is expressing ideas without the use of the brain. "God made dinosaurs Himself, so there is a state of human ignorance." These are pictures drawn by children    
The forms, objects and practices of creation and the idea of ​​the God of man (from man) who created the human body are useful for explicating certain pathways for prayer and spiritual conversation.        
Is a town without a neutral ground still called a town? So we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground: God and other nations can say that the Internet works for people through wealth        
Estrogen - in my case, estradiol intramuscularly once a week - on Sundays, sometimes Wednesdays - and testosterone blocker twice a day, by prescription        
Me, Marjorie Campa, Emily Dixon. And the girl on the bike is smiling too        
I am very Thankful for it      
Of course, it can be tricky — but not unless you're a technician who knows what he's doing        
He feels overwhelmed; every minute he is alone        
Without you, I wouldn’t have survived. When I was younger I loved myself and took wings without legs as far as possible for a while      
My name is Arikat and at one time there was an Edward Transjesterren and a Gick
Written by Em-ily (_Erica)
Published | Edited 29th Nov 2021
Author's Note
This is a cut up, created by applying OCR to a screenshot of thumbnails of documents in my photo gallery app, with that text then processed through a translation engine. Using the machine the write...
This is a cut up, created by applying OCR to a screenshot of thumbnails of documents in my photo gallery app, with that text then processed through a translation engine. Using the machine the write the process
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