The Ten Commandments (A 21st century edition)

The Ten Commandments
(A 21st century edition)

You shall have no god before me
(apart from money right Ďcos money makes the world go round )

You shall not follow false idols
(Excluding celebrities and generally anyone influential or powerful)

You shall not take the lords name in vain
(Itís only words though iníit?)

Remember the sabbath and keep it holy
(Again man it comes down to brass tacks yo, mans got mouths to feed)

Honour your mother and farther
(Yeah yeah, i know, I know)

You shall not murder
(Unless state sanctioned)

You shall not steal
(Unless itís done in a lawful way, then technically it wouldnít be stealing)

You shall not commit adulatory
(Unless sheís being a bitch and not putting out, mans got to eat yo)

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour
(Listen, if heís gonna talk shit about me, Iím gonna talk shit back. Itís self defence bro)

You must not covet
(So what, I canít want things? I want what everyone else has, I want more than they have, I want the most, I want it all
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