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Something about women talking about a big male appendage always got his motor running. He just never expected it on this day, at this venue, when talking about, of all people, Abraham.

It was just further proof to never judge someone on their disabilities, but on their abilities, or extra-large abilities in Abraham's case.

"My man is fricking' huge," Chandler raved.

Kat's sexy, bawdy laughter could be heard loud and clear over the raucous crowd checking out the Red Sox-Mariners game. Al Nipper just threw a wicked curveball. But nothing compared to the one John just got hit with.

Kat, meanwhile, loved when Abraham got attention, even for his apparently outsized male appendage.

"No, no, no, the best, the best is my mom," Mary Ellen tried to convey; although it was now hard to get a word in. "The best is my mom, bringing friends into the bathroom when Abraham's showering, to show them."

This racy tidbit only spiked the laughter to a more frenzied pitch.

"I'm serious!" Mary Ellen carried on.

"Let me clarify. That was one time, that was Betty," Kat tried to explain. "She (laugh), she didn't believe me!"

Kat felt further explanation was needed.

"John, Abraham likes company when he showers, so we chat," she revealed.

"Hey, hey, hey, and first of all if I had one like his," Chandler chimed in, "I'd be wanting to show the ENTIRE world. Second of all if a gorgeous woman like Kat wanted to bring friends in and show? All the better..."

John was trying to calm down, but it was difficult. He found Kat and her daughters that much more sexy and naughty moment by moment.

With all this chatter was hardly offensive, just fun-spirited and appreciative of Abraham's many gifts.

"He's so proud," Kat laughed. "He'll just stand there with his hands folded behind his back like, 'yup, that's what's up...'"

"My man has got a big ole dick," Chandler bellowed.

Kat, herself, didn't use such coarse language but she and her daughters couldn't help but crack up with Chandler's apt description.

"If you want a comparison," Bob perked up, "I would say the inside spool of a roll of paper towels."

"And that's SOFT!" Chandler fired back.

Kat and the girls almost fell off their seats, in tears.

"Oh God, I don't think we want to see it when it's at its fullest capacity, do we?" Kat asked in a mockingly petrified tone.

"It's kind of cartoonishly large," Sue went on.

"Can we get clarification?" Chandler posed.

"Clarification on what?" Kat asked as she took a sip of her light beer.

“How big?” Paige jumped in. "I dun no.”

"I don't think we want to know, do we?" Kat laughed.

"I know you guys don't want to know - you'll be put to shame," she teased.

"That thing's got to be." Bob pondered aloud. "Yeah, you're right, I don't want to know."

For a moment, there was quiet. But not for long.

"Let's just it this way," Kat said with a wonderful smile. "It's big enough that for five years now, we haven't stopped talking about it (laugh)."

"Got that right," Chandler agreed.

"John boy, look at me," Chandler yelled out. "I know you might here once in a while that so and so has a big, dick or this guy has a big dick...Man, Abraham has one BIG ASS dick."

Again, the women were tickled to no end with such blatant discussion of the male anatomy, and one phallic phenomenon.

This was turning out to be a dream job after all.

Katherine was a woman of many talents, and apparently, she was impervious to hangovers.

John, meanwhile, was fighting through a headache and nausea all morning, sifting through a pile of VHS tapes that he needed to label.

What helped him get through it was thinking about the racy discussion the day before at Gutter Balls Sports Bar.

Kat came into his office and was as bubbly as ever.

"Goanna, be a gorgeous day, honey," she said, her figure once again stunning, her legs hugged tightly in a pair of beige slacks.

She bent over and picked up a discarded VHS tape. John couldn't help but check out her perfectly rounded butt.

"So...," she began.

John wondered if she would allude to the frank chatter at Gutter Balls.

"Sweetie, I hope we didn't offend you yesterday," she said, then pausing. "With all of that drinking..."

"Oh, uh - "

"We usually don't pound shots like that," she laughed. "But it was a special occasion..."

"No, no worries I haven't drank, like that since college but, hey, it was good times," he replied.

"And the other thing I wanted to mention," she said, not even breaking stride. "We didn't mean to keep you so late. You were the only one who had to be here early this morning, so I do apologize for that."

"No, not at all. I had a big coffee this morning so I'm good," he answered.

He was being polite. John was nursing a massive hangover but took it like a man.

To be continued
Written by nutbuster (D C)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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