A Christmas Give Away Gift

  Christmas just around the corner and Karen wanted to go on a shopping spree but she had no money, never mind that her husband was rich, he was king of the misers.
  The only way to go in order for her to get her hands on some cash was to get him  out of the way.  Permanently, She would find a hired killer to do the job. She knew very well that you can find anything and everything on the internet.  So she set her mind to it, pressed a few keys and got what she wanted. The guy wanted five thousand dollars up front and another five thousand after.
   She readily agreed. Much too quickly . The only problem being that she had no money.  But she had a great body, as he could see and as she showed a bit more and proposed a different option to the deal.
   He had no doubt that in the end she would pay the ten thousands and what she was suggesting was a great plus for a man who had not been intimate  with a woman for months.  He agreed to the deal. He even agreed to dish out the cash for a room at a motel a few miles from where she  lived.
  A few days later they met at the Luxury Inn which, unlike it's name was nothing
 but luxirious.  Jake could not  believe his eyes.   The woman was even more gorgeous in person.   At five-nine, she was slightly taller  than he was.  Nice proportions and as anxious as he was to get things under way.
   ''Do you know how you are going to proceed?'' she asked as she removed her coat, revealing sumptous forms.  ''As I said in my e-mails,  he likes to go for walks by the trail which leads to the river.  Every Saturday morning early''.
   ''Ya. I like that set-up.  I checked  the surroundings. I get a good cover from all the trees. I can  get close enough to shoot him at close range and he won't even know what's coming'.  Enough talking dear, come here and let's talk about our part of the deal''.
    Thus it was that on that Saturday morning Jake was at his chosen spot quite early and ready to kill.  the lovely Karen having given him a picture of her husband all he had to do was wait.
   It was about thirty minutes later as he was about to freeze to death, not used to standing in one spot for so long, that he saw Karen's husband approach.
   Jake was a good shot, no problem.  His army training with small weapons always  came along to good use.  He  had the husband in his sight, his finger on the trigger and  ready to shoot when the man just dropped to the ground.
   Totally surprised,  Jake did not know what to do,  Was  the man aware that someone was on the look-out to kill him?  How could that be possible?  he took a minute to try to figure this out.  The man was only half visible and not moving.  Jake waited another minute, than two.  He finally decided to move cautiously  towards the man.  No movement.  He kneeled closer, checked for a pulse, found none.  His first thought was just to leave the dead body and get out  of there.  but then he decided to drop an anonymous phone call to 9-1-1.
   Then he left the scene and called Karen.
   ''It's done?''
   ''I don't know what's going on.  he dropped dead all by hmself.  The craziest thing''.
   When the cops knocked on her door to give her the bad knews, she almost fainted  with grief.
   it was later shown that her husband had died of  a brain aneurysm.  She was now rich, she had given herself to the man who would have killed her husband but had not so she figured that she  owed him nothing.
   Jake however was of a different opinion as, a few days later, he knocked on her door.
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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