Concepts combined with understanding

There's also this    
There's also this (with) (for) don't even (Remember) It's good (Encouragement) (i do) Speak (decide) know from the beginning Strong (Speak, decide) (Speak, decide) Cloudy and warm (This image) (I hold The Chair on the bridge) How is it set (I died) I'm sorry        
Remember that bitterness (is easy) Knowledge (reconnect) It was sharp I'm happy today The one who came before the one who came before is happy) Wonderful Great (Introduction) These simple (tonight) Or a spiritual method that is (Easy to forget) (Many are the song) (I don't) Please remember How about a        
It's delirious and I'm also I'm back to you. Oh i was from the very beginning Is Reply? (The last word of this work) (So conversation?) (A dragon ball?) (Me too?) There the day Before (the Sun) (Yes I was Surprised) (Startled) Or was it from the beginning (it was pretty fast) (But is this a golden balance?) The Beginning (Appearance, Seen) (I don't Know) Yes and I like you What are the reasons for this? What is this? This? Do you have it? Is this love? I know I know I know I know, I know I know I know I know, I know, know, I know, I know, I know, know, know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I Love        
All of a sudden, Jesus came        
'One of the magical men in the world'        
to the rescue and announced.:        
"And give yourself a heart."        
Afterwards, in order not be contrary, all of them          
from the very beginning to the end of        
the war          
tried to move forward in their processes        
Think about it        
Get into the 7's and get to the        
bottom of this. If you choose to be an        
historian, there are always things there to say “better”          
But it's Tuesday today A beautiful City in the day The City It shines and there is little fog in it      
In the sky many birds the sky and the trees        
Their numbers are big and big Smiling        
The birds the air        
Jesus himself is in love No doubt        
որ մենք ենք Փրկչ in Siroclav      
Thus is his grace his imperfection in the name of freedom from the ruins        
Later, about the field of mercy to speak to speak        
Attach honorable hosts        
The identity of trolls in the New Testament? Instead        
just give to others        
- to human cruelty I'm not new        
Nefes A. Appa, Marcio Printing Press 1.0rc 5., 1975)
Written by Em-ily (_Erica)
Published | Edited 29th Nov 2021
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