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Oh Luna... How Sweet Thy Sight

Relax your lungs, open your mind    
Let your heart soothe your blood flow as my words shall caress any lactic concerns † † †  
There are no enigmas in this one, so just listen to my story and harmonize if you may † † †  
Enjoy this tranquil ride † † †
Itís as if my mind is roaming an allegorical realm and just spurts thoughts into the galaxy † † †  
In an endless trance of amazement † † †
† † †  
My mind is a living allegory, constantly thinking and imagining beyond the stratosphere † † †  
Hmmm, a divine logician who is in awe with the connection and aura of stars † † †
The mind being a supernova of serene thoughts † † †
Feeling earthís axis and rotation through the measurements of the passions never lost † † †  
As if the cosmic connects with me and tell my story † † †  
Earthís precession was historically called the precession of the sinís purgatory † † †  
† † †  
The equinoxes moved westward along the ecliptic relative to the fixed stars † † †  
Opposite to the yearly motion of the Sun along the stratosphere † † †
Therefore, itís as if the stars had a mind of their own † † †  
Unlike the Moon, or Earth, or even the Sun † † †  
Or any other planets revolving around a certain galactic routine or standard form † † †
Within the veil of life souls are created, reborn † † †
† † †  
The stars are free, they follow their own unique path † † †
Not to mention how bright and beautiful they are in the night sky † † †
Thus, making my collective thoughts surreal, virginal to learn in its comprehending miracles † † †
Itís a connection between two entities or beings † † †  
One in the form of flesh and bone, and the other being celestial † † †
Softly connecting the human mind and soul within the realm of endless galaxies † † †  
Where the stars guide you no matter where your thoughts lie † † †
A sealed kiss upon the moon † † †
My gifts of enlighten given of ancient times over the arch of the rainbow † † †
† † †  
Harmonizing together, creating melodies, resonating the whispers of the night sky † † †
I am very emotional and fervent when I muse † † †  
Gifted ponders worshipping upon my canvas † † †  
Itís an art, its mine, and itís beautiful † † †
So much of that exquisiteness has been lost in modern society † † †
There is something seductive, mesmerizing, alluring about the night atmosphere which keeps my intellect transfixed † † †
† † †  
Whenever you are feeling at your lowest moment in time † † †  
Look up and know you a single puzzle piece † † †
Fit and accepted to bind the forces of the universe where you are one † † †
Everything seems so tranquil, and my thoughts fill with serenity as I gaze up at the stars † † †  
Sometimes even looking at a specific star at a momentís time † † †  
Wondering if there is someone out there who thought as me, gazing at that same star
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
I wrote this after saying my prayers right before the Luna eclipse on 11-18-21

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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