Capitalism is Terrorism

Respect the sistah that sits there and reads for you
See, The economy is a study of the way production is paid,
In land, labor, wages and taxes
The actual point of Capitalism is to extract more cash from production and away from labor leaving wealth accumulation unregulated for some people

The sky's the limit but the pie isn’t divided equally
Like, Property for example,
Back then,
We had to work on the land we couldn’t own and Child labor laws didn’t exist
Millions of acres stolen and it didn’t matter what was on paper
Then, Predatory lending practices were adapted in the last few centuries,
Redlining districts,
Cause taxpayers didn’t want “certain people” living there
And if you should find a bank “so generous” enough to lend to you,
You might pay two to three times more as your white neighbors regardless of income, family size, credit or education
The government’s complicity to white supremacy and all of its convictions have left us behind financially

Land grabs, tax schemes, fraudulent deeds, and downright force
The tools of terrorism not only extend to the police

The Entertainment industry uses Black people for heinous debauchery
Far back as the sugar cane fields of Jamaica and Sarah Bartman
Property extends to the flesh,
And since the commodity exchange in America, It’s been a staple of its own destruction
Way before race records and the same thing being echoed today
I mean, do racist actually acknowledge Black Excellence?
Cause in order to deny something you must believe in it first, that’s why Satanists read the Bible.
Now, We’ve come full circle to the taking and miscommunication of our people
Inmates get paid pennies on the dollar, while the State makes hundreds of thousands
Sound familiar?
Lying racist cowards get away with everything leaving us deeply ingrained to lock things away, especially ourselves
Per capita, we bring in hella capital on bogus bullshit,
But we’re the minorities cause our net worth isn’t worth shit even after we’ve died
Capitalism is terrorism.
Some folks buy really expensive shit that cost little to nothing to make
Hundreds of millions in diamonds, gold, ivory and blood
Land, Labor, innovation, sustenance, STOLEN!
The effects still last today
Convinced that history repeats itself in their favor cause they rewrote it that way
So, When you see a sistah reading some literature about economics or afro-centricism
Remember that she’s doing this to uplift you, she selfless and selfish at the same time
You are held to a higher standard in her eyes, she’s doing this with little to no protection
Hold your fist in the air or close to your chest to let her know, I’m with you when we get there, sis
Written by Ashley_M_Hardy (Cashley Marie)
Author's Note
Capitalism as a tool for terrorizing Black people and POC
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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