Team No Sleep

Ever since the elections ended I've had time to rest my head and unwind from the criminal enterprise we call politics
It is a game that is meant to read, write and erase you from history books unless you’re on their pedestal
Tax payers pay a lot of money to prove that the system is unbalanced and flawed as hell
How many other Kyle Rittenhouse’s done cried and snotted on the stand over their Ivy League suits, sweatshirts in hand
Best not anger them white folks who practice witchcraft or magic cause they’ll have that ass sleepwalkin’ butt-naked in traffic
Set adrift on memories bliss of madness cause our DNA harbors the experiences of our ancestors
We don’t have to see it
Cause the exact cost of this racial strife is unfathomable
The vibes are undeniable from one generation to the next in this country
As you can see, this political shit wakes in me cause I’ll just start scrolling and stumble across a stream of Black history relating to Black Kings and Queens that once controlled European lands
Cultivating civilization across seas and see my people adapting to every situation
Let the other side believe that being white is a special privilege, cause so should we
Our history was long before slavery and we should take pride in that cause we weren’t the first Blacks to do a damn thing
Everything from masquerade parties to Salsa dancing is inherently African, you can fact check what I say
Patriarchy is fuckin the world up
Taxes and inflation are crippling the working class, greedy hateful people don’t have consciences
You can image how much sleep I’ve gotten since the election has ended
Children are forgotten then experience the rotten effects of poverty and so forth
And I wanna end on this note cause I think I’ve found my calling
If I’ve got nothing else to give to this world then I’ll leave it making the most noise about fake supremacy over anyone
Everyone chooses their legacy either through the arts, culture or legislation just to name a few
Due diligence and integrity requires everyone to stand up for what they believe in peacefully but those protests have fallen on deaf ears ‘cause realistically people had to get back to work.
Placing power back to the people and teaching history the way it should be, is paramount to survival, the lies perpetuated over time have caused a rift in society that is passed on today
If you’ve had the pleasure of getting some good sleep over the course of any election, then I urge you to wake the fuck up!
Written by Ashley_M_Hardy (Cashley Marie)
Author's Note
A lamentation of current events, coupled with buried history and inspiration. Enjoy, Loves!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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