Cotton Wool Blues.X2

Hello! And welcome back 2 the "Rhapsody Actors Awards"- coming live from my    
Living room.    
I hope the break we had,you used 2 freshen yourself in the bathroom.      
OK. So,without further Ado.      
Its with great pleasure that I finally announce the award for " The best      
Performance" by an actor in a leading role.      
And the nominees are;of duplicity and downright hypocrisy,and in no particular order:      
1st Nominee---Best friend Stew. Childhood friends since primary school.      
Stew will do anything for you. As long as you buy him alcohol and Marks and Spencer's food. Sit down Stew! Oh God... You're drunk aren't you?SIT DOWN!      
Thank you.      
2nd Nominee---Best friend Hue,who you met at "Magnusson College".      
Another seasoned alcoholic,and abit of a weirdo.Whenever you get together      
Hue somehow persuades you 2 heavily drink,which then gets you into a catatonic drunken state-(its not good enough just being a waste of space)!      
All this is in order 2 have dutch courage,so you can chat and hit on girls-- ( and I mean girls.)      
Our 3rd Nominee is---Hanger on,Rebecca. Your dyke friend,who has no friends because she's so obnoxiously horrid.(She's a car-crash needing 2 be pushed off a cliff). You met at work. How that happened,I don't know.      
Whenever you invite her over 2 ours(without asking me).      
The bitch,born in a ditch,has the audacity 2 hit on our daughter,who's only 18 years old. Rebecca is 43!    
And finally,it gives me great displeasure 2 announce the 4th nominee---    
Its You!      
What  can I say.. You know  what, I'll leave the talking 2 you.      
NO--- nothing 2 say? Well,I'll continue. This is transmitting Live.      
So,with even more venom,mixed with pleasure.      
The best performance by an Actor in a leading role,Goes 2--- wait for it--      
Yes-- its You Michael....    
Fucking,filthy,dirty,fuck anything that moves,setting a bad example 2 our kids,but he doesn't care about that,just as long as as his Dick is covered with his latest,cock sucking pussy juice,dripping down her thighs.      
 Yep--- that's right,you had 2 oblige and lick her rancid pussy juice from her thighs- Oh,and let's not forget your partner in crime. Leading Supportive female role goes 2--- wait--- can any one guess?---- Yes,you clever guys--- Rebecca,mother-fucking, cunty obsessed,more like a dyke guy,I thoroughly despise.      
But before both of you collect your awards. I'd like 2 say,I only found out about you fucking your prostitutes,or whatever they are,3some,because I hired a private detective 2 track your calls and follow you.      
But what a surprise,as you can imagine,when I was told Rebecca was part of your sordid sexually depraved,Gonorrhea giving- yes Michael,I caught Gone-in-the-rear,from you and your deplorable lifestyle choices.      
So,congratulations Michael. You deserve this award,for such an outstanding performance.      
And just 2 say,you're a Shining example 2 all those up-and-coming,aspiring actors. You deserve a standing ovation. But,instead, I'm gonna punch you in your STD fucking,nasty mouth,and demolish,your weak minded thing you call balls........      
No!! I'm only joking Michael. I wouldn't stoop 2 your level. And don't you think you're much 2 old for fucking around with Hoar's?      
©Wired6. 11/11/2021
Written by Wired6
Published | Edited 6th Oct 2022
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