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I'm not on social media, you wont find me on any platform
But at one time, meeting and reconnecting was considered my norm
I would twit for a bit and then Facebook for a look
Skype for the pipe and snap-chat if the pussy was hooked

Everyone that knew me pretty much knew how I performed
I liked hanging with family and friend but if a message came to my phone
Accompanied with a photo of a lady with her motherfucking thong on
We could be at a funeral, just like this bitch I was gone

Social media became my nightclub and everywhere that men go in search of love
Through words on a screen I could feel the kisses and every hug
Accompanied with photos of breast of all different colors and sizes
Pussies overgrown and some shaven offering erupting surprises

But back to social media and why I decided to quit
My fuck game had gotten so strong that i thought I was the shit
It was as if these ladies were passing my name around
Everyone of them that befriended me wanted me to beat that pussy down

So it came as no surprise when I received a message reinforcing my claim
She said, "I heard that your conversation is what a lady likes with a tight ass sex game"
She post a pic, and boy was she thick, nice set of tits and hips made to ride a dick
In a pink babydoll outfit, she said, "if you want this pussy you had better get here quick"

Her face was omitted, but she promised it matched her body
She said her stage name was Delicious, and that she also did private parties
As soon as I got the message my boys knew what the fuck was up
With two fingers in the air I told them all to go get fucked

Absolutely nothing comes between a hot pussy and a man like me
I was speeding through fucking residential doing eighty
A promise of any pussy is bound to make a man change
But with stripper pussy on the line, I'm showing signs of road rage while changing lanes

I got to her address, double checked my condoms and breath
Two tictacs in my mouth, box of condoms unopened, yes
I rang the doorbell three times once for each time I was going to hit that ass
Hell this was stripper pussy and I was determined that my game would last

I heard come in so I turned the doorknob and went inside
And there was Delicious right before my eye
My brains at first couldn't come to terms with what I met face to face
Because there was this six foot eight inch motherfucker with his dick wrapped in lace

I didn't realize it but my mouth and my mind were not in line
It seems that I was screaming, "oh hell no" all the fucking time
Delicious didn't get the message, and with open arms came charging towards me
I dropped to one knee, uppercutting him in the balls, bring him down with me

I said it again this time I'm sure that I didn't stutter or pause
"Where in the fuck are you from, fucking no means no"
Jumps off of that floor and got the fuck out of Delicious's house
The boys would never hear about this rendezvous, this will be kept as quiet as a mouse

I hurried back home, like a politician found all bent and corrupt
I started deleting and withdrawing accounts as I threw the fuck up
I decided no more social media, while scrubbing everything, even supermodels I didn't give a fuck
Hell I even scrubbed my hands several times because they punched Delicious in the nuts
Written by I_IS_ME
Author's Note
This piece isn't anti anything just something that we wrote
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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