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It is a symbol of deep poetry                    
It's a list                    
What do you (why do I write s ***)? / Correct.                  
Important: Finish. You should not add any drinks unless you have written it yourself.                    
Solo title                    
What (why did I write s ***)?                    
Full editorial choice                    
And it's "Maria", Christina Aguilera                    
And if you’re here, you should talk to Lee Scratch Perry.      
Avoid all restrictions, and check your spellings and misspellings.                    
Author's note (b al kalpik)                    
Anyway, Harry’s style, “Golden”,                 
What is here: We all die, but part of our life force, or our spirit, comes back another day (another life, in other words) and when that happens, "we" - or our souls or our lives or whatever - return - perhaps even as a human being.                    
We binary either “Ascend into Heaven” to be with the Blessed God or “descend on demotic heels” to be fucked over horribly forever at the hands of our own bad selves.                    
If neither, perhaps when we die, it just... Shines. I do not know.*              
Either way, it doesn’t matter to me. Is the New Testament another creation, kept in heaven to be fully explained? And the same with the life of the Buddha? I live my life the best I can for myself every time I try at IRL and give to others to be good and successful. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture of ourselves. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture of ourselves and our abilities. But most of us are trying to be good, in fact. We all have different definitions, labels for things, our ideals, but of 8 billion and some people in this world, almost all of us try to keep to the characteristics of the Golden Rule within ourselves. To themselves, most people try the best they can - don’t underestimate that fact. It sometimes can seem too much, too hard to believe, like things are so fucked up people haven’t been or aren't trying - but most people are trying to participate and to believe in the world and each other, believe it or not.                    
In the life I now live, I started comprising poetry. And no matter, proud or not, I will spend my time here (alive) truthfully. My personal experience is real and I will be honest in describing and writing about my experience.: Because one thing that is not me, is a lie. I am not a lie. I write to understand my experience, and so I write, create, and submit. The conversation between me and I. If I do not understand it, i tell myself it is because I have two backgrounds, and so I continue to try to reconcile.                    
- Part of my communication with me ా If I correct or delete something in the future, it is also part of the conversation. Unlike stopping at the corner of a road, this location is called the unknown letter (i). What I do well and I can do and do consistently - i consider to be the language of performance of exercise for the purpose of speaking - not only to myself but to the world. Phenomenologically? Beyond nature is part of nature. And the principle? I say all these words so we can all go along together wherever it is we are going. How does this happen?                    
That's where exercise comes in                    
No matter how big our body is, in every living mind, what is happening - for man - is the mind / body interface. Thoughts, Thoughts, Experiences - Every                    
That's where the exercise comes in                    
No matter how big our body is, in every living mind, what is happening is - for every living beings is - the mind / body interface. Every Thought, every Moment, every Memory, every Dream, every Truth, every Love. All experience takes place on the imaginal and it is there that all of the Self is continually processed. Self-process. Imperative tense: Self, process.          
Self, Process Self.                  
Now when I play - when it comes to Process - I have the most learned language, so I say. So I said, "Okay, I do.” How it works. As I said, I don’t know much about much, at first glance. The unusual spiritual realms, which seem to be so small (and fear-tagged). Maunderland, Munderland, Underland, Sunderland? It is Meadowland, actually. Connected natural by Hazel. And in fact it is numerous and spread all over the world. This is our living word.                    
It is in the midst of spiritual things and it is clear that only a small part can be known but even a small part is enough.                    
After a while, I realized I had rented a car while I was in my car dealership                    
The plates said MVK 6667 with a Texas registration, and I thought, “Oh, am i that bad? But the redemption of my soul in this city is incomparable and mysterious, and it’s often i see and "know-know-know-know-know," and "Have you seen wtf now?" So I decided it was good, and there are always some improvements, and maybe some confusing things, and eventually there will be some of the benefits of decay, and then it will be Springtime all over again and a new                    
Start   "                    
And I saw around the turmoil of the frame position and so then I liked it. MVK could stand up to any number of things, but I decided to be the Most Important Kid. (Myself, for am I not that to me, and if I were not, to me would I not be? 🤔? Certainly I think, perhaps so.) 666 to provide ambiguity / tension, not to mention the reason behind the exercise. And then the grace of salvation is in 7 which makes it worth it, and besides that, it says “Lucky!” to the world. 🤷‍♀️ An exercise involving a license plate, distributed according to the random metrics of the universe.                 
And so there.        
I think everything is interesting. Even when I'm bored, I'm not.                    
Did you know that crows (valued communicators they are) quack; and that ducks (also communicators, and equally valued) could easily be called the armchair magicians of the ‘animal kingdom?' (Terrible metaphor that, “animal kingdom." It doesn't really work like that there.)                          
The world around us breathes, whether you know it or not. And once we have rested our minds, we might think to breathe back in deliberate reply. The spirit is an organism.         
Am I a good person? Am I a bad person? I’m not saying I'm either. I'm just saying I always want to try.          

 Every moment can be one for meditation.                    
Also; I think it takes very little, and then I am no longer alone.                    
Written by Em-ily (_Erica)
Published | Edited 25th Nov 2021
Author's Note
*We assume that such things are the province of a phenomenological realm beyond our ken, and so we move on to the here and living now. This moment is alive. Faith.

How To Pray...
*We assume that such things are the province of a phenomenological realm beyond our ken, and so we move on to the here and living now. This moment is alive. Faith.

How To Pray
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