Dubonnet and Mindless Sheep! No wonder such idiots are being cynically culled!

By Stanley Collymore

What a flock of mindless and
distinctively, feckless sheep!
Yet, these very pathetically
puerile morons do regard
themselves categorically as adults.
What next? Stock up on any toilet  
paper, which alchie, Liz Windsor,  
also gives a warrant to! And this everyone, is manifestly the 21st
Century, that we're supposedly
realistically in, plus undeniably  
singularly also, an enlightened  
one! Nevertheless not fittingly
though, it crucially does seem  
in the distinctively, purposely  
brownnosing state of Britain.

Unsurprisingly then that the  
supposedly upper-classes  
and equally hereditary  
so-called royals can, and often do,
ordinarily get away with murder!  
And can there truly be anything
more basically asinine, actually  
than frankly, having a doddery  
aged and clearly substantively  
95 years old, nonengenarian,
alchoholic that naturally just
literally brazenly relishes her
routine boozy tipple now so  
curiously and also bafflingly
after frequent years of such
boozy tendency, prodigious  
in a routine engagement by
Liz Windsor as a commonly  
acquainted with and keenly  
indulged in, activity of hers;
makes Lizzie's longstanding  
preference, in her alcoholic  
drinking stipulation, clearly
publicly and evidently, well  
over the top as an instance.

Now after numerous decades  
of its actual existence,  Liz's  
drinking preference, has
now basically become even more  
universally known, due explicitly  
to the essentially speculatively
award to the same alchoholic  
firm Dubonnet, evidently to
which a personal ludicrous  
warrant has actually been
awarded by Mrs Windsor,
its avid boozer and does  
raise the very inevitable  
question specifically for
what Lizzie? Requisitely  
appropriate, and fixed  
contributive donation;
covertly dispensed  to  
that Windsors' family,
distinctive charitable,
and too preservation  
fund, in exchange in
the fullness of time,  
for that ecstatically,  
received royal title?  

This against the clear backdrop  
of the British serfs themselves  
thinking that with them now  
loyally and thus accordingly  
as rather dutiful subjects investing
patriotically, as they evidently see
it, in their personal purchasing of  
Dubonnet whether they actually  
like the taste of it or not, will go
a long way, towards effectively  
and crucially - improving their
own individual standing also;
and distinctively so basically  
due to the aptly granting to
Dubonnet of its quite facile  
warrant from Mrs Windsor:
the evident fulcrum, in our  
21st Century Britain of the  
unelected, hereditary and  
patently it would seem an
alko nonegenarian 'ruler'.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
18 November 2021.

Author's Remarks:
It's quite evident that if the Windsors canned and sold their body waste, there are undoubtedly loads of Britons who would buy that too!

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