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Moonlight Dance

Chapter One
7:30 a.m. the alarm clock was set to go off. But this morning was different; Scarlet was up and dressed before the alarm sounded. Sitting in her boudoir sipping her cup of coffee, skimming over the morning newspaper the headlines were always the same. Today was a big day for Scarlet; this was the day that she had to show the Executive Board at Mizune Industries that she was ready to become COO. Scarlet Toshiru was an average hardworking woman. 28 years of age she was the youngest Executive in a Fortune 500 corporation. She was well educated with a BA in Business Management, a Masters in Marketing and Advertising, and working on another Masters in International Sales and Logistics. Many in her company found her to be an intimidating factor. Was it because she was a genius when it came to business or was it the fact that she was a woman with that much power? Scarlet finish dressing in her custom designed and tailored black and white pin-striped three piece suit. Her crisp white silk shirt primly tucked into her slacks, her leather monogrammed black belt laid perfectly on her waist. Her silk black and white pin-striped vest lay against her full breast and small waist snugly. Examining herself in the mirror before placing her shoes and jacket on, she smiled. She was pleased with her body, not to skinny and not to fat. She was what they call, thick and beautiful. Her hourglass figure was to die for and she knew it. She wore her hair in a reserved chignon bun, so that the full beauty of her amber brown eyes and full lips could be seen. She rarely ever wore more than lipstick or gloss and lip liner, maybe eye liner and shadow but never anything more. Reaching into her closet on the first shelf she grabbed her black and white leather Jimmy Choo’s. She only owned four pair of Jimmy Choo’s and these were her lucky ones, simply because they added a extra 5 ˝ inches to her already statuesque 5’8”. Slipping her feet into her shoes and placing her jacket on adjusting it so that it lay smoothly over her somewhat broad shoulders. Clasping the buttons together she smiled as she grabbed her briefcase and purse and headed out of the door.
Her house was a vintage Victorian Chateau that sat on Four Acres of pristinely pruned landscape. Her walk way leading to her driveway had beautiful black rose bushes lining either side of the path. Proud of her home and the accomplishments she had earned a smile danced across her face. Arriving at the driver’s side of her black chrome fitted 2013 Jaguar XF Supercharged, with 22” Red and Black Giovanni Rims, she checked her car for any damage. Unbeknownst to her that something was indeed wrong with her beautiful luxury vehicle, she got into the driver’s seat and placed her key in the ignition. The faint smell of gasoline alarmed her, removing the key and quickly gathering her things, she removed herself from the car just in time before the car began to smoke. Cursing she called AAA to come and take the car to the dealership. She would not let a car make her day turn sour. Once AAA arrived and removed her Jaguar she sighed as she got into a taxi and headed to work. 45 minutes later she arrived at 7254 West Wick Lane, the headquarters of Mizune Industries. Checking her watch, sighing with relief she was still 30 minutes early. Heading to her office smiling and speaking to those around her as usual she assumed all was well and this could possibly be the best day yet. She decided to go over her facts and statics for the last time before the meeting that could inevitably change her life and status in the company for good. Was this the beginning of the rest of her life or the end?
Pacing the floor of his underground cavern he grew bored. He would go out during the day if the sunlight didn’t drain him of all his energy. Ta’Keo Shiniyuri was the last of his kind and very ancient. Being Carpathian had its perks as well as flaws. His natural height of 6 foot 4 ˝ inches was unmatched, his brawn only made him seem that much larger. His body looked as though it had been sketched by mythic gods. His cavern was cool yet comfortable so he rarely wore a shirt, so the majestic design of him was ever present. His skin was the color of sweet, delicious golden honey. Chiseled to perfection, his muscles were like that of Aries the Greek god of war. Cutting into a precise “V” the cherubs wished that his pants were cut just a little lower. His black slacks hugged his firm buttocks and toned thighs for dear life. This man was truly magnificent. This candle light was enough to cast reflection against the sanded and oiled silver.  With his excellent vision he caught himself in its reflection, he smiled. Angels would truly envy this creature for his beauty was unrivaled. His brown eyes were dark like onyx but could sets fire to those he wished to woo. The moonshine on his eyes made it so that he could see perfectly at night and if the right amount of light to shine on them would make him look fully dangerous. His full lips looked as though they were soft like silk, but yummy enough to eat. Truly anyone who looked upon him would be filled with lust and wants that no mortal could control. Or so he thought. But the one thing he loved more than anything was the fact that he could shape shift into any creature he chose.  At the mere thought his eyes flashed a brilliant bluish-silver.
The sun was not a factor that he feared but was more cautious of than anything. However that was not the only flaw that being Carpathian had. To sustain himself he had to occasionally feed on that of blood. But not as often as those who were the lesser breeds, Vampires. Because of these things he was forced to be alone for fear of drawing attention to himself and being killed like that of his people. Plus he knew that he could never fall in love again, not after what happened to his beloved. How could he love another woman like he did her, she was everything to him. How could he protect another when he couldn’t even protect his daughter, the one who he would have given up everything for? He just stood there at the door of his daughter’s room and watched. With the memories flooding his mind a scream unlike any other came retching from his throat. Collapsing from the painful memories, he lay there on the cavern floor motionless.
Finally the meeting began, Mr. Lamar Smith, the CEO of Mizune Industries sat with the most discerning look upon his face. It was as though nothing Scarlet did pleased this beast of a man. Not only was he her boss, but he was also an ex-lover, she quickly learned never to mix business with pleasure. Attractive, Intelligent and wealthy, all three things most women found attractive and wanted, especially from him. But Scarlet found him arrogant, obnoxiously rude and conceited beyond reasoning. It was now or never, either she wanted this promotion or she would cower to the likes of the man that she swore one day to face off equally with. “Good Morning,” She began off as she stood with her head held high and her shoulders pushed back. “As you know this meeting has been called to review our marketing figures.” Mr. Smith’s eyes seem to bore into her chest. Being so focused on her presentation she hadn’t realized that she had talked and explained her thoughts and expectations of the next quarter’s figures for almost 3 hours. “I conclude that if we expand our Marketing Venue and condense our expenditures we will most certainly double our figures.” Suddenly, Mr. Smith began to applaud Scarlet. “Job well done Ms. Toshiru, I am very impressed.” Raising a brow she calmly replied. “Thank you Sir, I do try to do everything to the best of my ability.” A smiled curled Lamar’s lips and he approached her in front of the board of Executives, placing a hand on her shoulder as he moved behind her. “Well that is very true, Ms. Scarlet Toshiru, that is why you are Mizune Industries new COO. Congratulations.” Lost for words she shook Lamar’s hand as she smiled humbly. She did it; finally she proved that she was more than the average woman. She was now the youngest COO of a Fortune 500 company. History was now in the making and if her parents could see her she knew that they would be proud of her.  Scarlet Toshiru, COO of Mizune Industries, what a title!
Written by Infamous_Angyl (Infamous)
Author's Note
This is chapter one of the Moonlight Dance Novel
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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