Moonlight Dance

She sensed something lurking in the shadows, watching her silently preying on her vulnerability. Quickly she grew tired of the cat and mouse game. Calling out to the darkness; “Show yourself, enough of this hiding amongst the shadows!” Surveying all that lie before her, he stepped into the dimness of light behind her. Wickedly he chuckled. Startling her she snapped around to gaze upon him. Examining his person from his feet to his toned thighs that seemed to be etched by the highest sculptors, to his sculpted waist to his rippled abs chiseled by the cherubs, to his wide chest to his broad shoulders, to his full lips to his heart stopping eyes.  It was there that their gaze met seeming to do a waltz as hers sparkled and his twinkled in the dim moonlight. Fire seemed to ignite between them. Was she not his prey? Was he not her hunter? Finally he spoke; “One so beautiful should never be out alone at this hour.” His voice was smooth like jazz but rich like chocolate. The baritone played at her heart like the strings of a bass. Narrowing her gaze she snapped; “Humph, coming from the one who was stalking me. Now be gone with you, I’ve had a long day!” Never taking her eyes off of him, she hoped he would leave. Yet a part of her wanted him to stay. He was strange and seductively mysterious. A smile played across his beautifully tempting mouth. “My dear lady, I was not stalking you simply walking on the same side of the road as yourself.” Why did he have to smile? Suddenly she felt the icy barrier she had up slowly begin to melt away. It was strange; every moment she tried to look away he just drew her back in. What was he doing to her? “Yes that maybe the case, but still be gone with you.” Her voice cracked with nervous energy. The palms of her hands were sweaty, the pace of her heart began to quicken. Softly he spoke; “Very well Miss, however, I cannot leave you to walk home alone at this hour. I will leave once I know you are safely home.” Debating on her options, she sighed as she narrowed her gaze once more. “Fine but you must leave immediately afterwards.” Quickly turning on her heels, she once again headed up the street. Her strides seemed to lengthen drastically. Did she really despise company or was it just his presence that sent her senses soaring? Another smile played across his lips, amused by her strange behavior. As she waited for her chance to cross the busy intersection, the Moonlight hit her. Bathing her in a luminescent beauty, her skin seemed to shimmer. It was then that she looked back at him; the amber brown radiance of her eyes stole his breath away. “You really don’t have to do this; I take this route every evening. I assure you I’ll be fine.” She offered him the sweetest smile he’d ever seen. Suddenly he frowned, a pain in his chest that he hadn’t felt in a Millennia, struck him taking him by surprise.  “Now I already told you, I cannot allow that.” He knew she was watching him, observing and trying to figure him out. “Where are my manners?” The thought dawned on him he never properly introduced himself. “My name is Ta’Keo Shiniyuri, a pleasure to meet you.” He extended his hand gracefully and offered a warm smile. Slowly she extended hers in return. “Scarlet Toshiru, a pleasure I’m sure.” Once their hands connected, fireworks went off. It was then that Ta’Keo knew that she was the one. But was he ready for eternity? What if she didn’t ever want to……?

Written by Infamous_Angyl (Infamous)
Author's Note
This is the prologue of a novel that I wrote and it is something I have been working on for years. it is copywritten so please do not use it without proper permission. There are something's I am...
This is the prologue of a novel that I wrote and it is something I have been working on for years. it is copywritten so please do not use it without proper permission. There are something's I am still working on and completing.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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