More Windsor jollies that quite laughably but audaciously as ever are called work and duty!

By Stanley Collymore

More Windsor jollies, but they
have the nerve to call it work
and duty. In reality it's more
likely than not, Charles is currently
in effect characteristically sniffing
out the really beneficially serious  
prospect for numerous business  
opportunities, basically both for
himself and quite naturally also
his so compulsively avariciously  
financially, and crucally money
obsessed Windsor family Klan
rather than honestly carrying
out morally co-ordinated and
genuinely planned, bona fide  
engagements that are clearly
aptly helpful, to this country.
And an additional, sickening  
aspect, clearly symptomatic  
in all of this - is distinctively  
that so-called royalty really  
as an ordinary habit rather  
appropriately flourishes in  
usually undemocratic, and  
literally corrupt countries;
so why then does it thrive  
discernibly par excellence
within Britain? So fittingly  
sorry!  But I actually think  
I've crucially, and cleverly
solved my valid question.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
16 November 2021.

Author's Remarks:  
It's absolutely astounding that an entirely and comprehensive dysfunctional family - the Windsors - quite overall basically and correspondingly devoid of any specifically outstanding qualities either noteworthily meritocratically and much less so morally or notably meritoriously outstanding on merit alone, put most unwarrantedly on a pedestal by utterly Pavlov dogs type brainwashed or else endemically physically and psychologically idiotic, intellectually challenged and mostly white Britons and their rather equally demented, discernibly expatriate allegedly
kith and kin - especially in places like inured convict, genocider rabidly racist, Stockholm Syndrome enthusiast, misogynistic bullying and overall delusional Terra nuliius, white Australia - and avidly encouraged to believe that somehow their characteristically and not infrequently also incestuously inbreeding unilaterally bestows on them the spurious affirmation of royalty with its distinctively immaculate, highly cherished, unquestionably purportedly unblemished and exclusively superior to all other familial lineages, a globally unchallenged imprimatur, is not only diametrically ludicrous but absolutely as well completely insane to all logically informed m, rational and right thinking minds.

And especially so when all of this arrant nonsense, in a supposedly enlightened 21st Century era, is actually compounded by the ridiculous and overtly enhanced notion that it's all done under the auspices of God Almighty and therefore those who purely on a hereditary basis exclusively enjoy and fully utilize these undoubtedly scandalous and unearned privileges, denied to everyone else, do so by virtue of the divine authority and rapturous blessing of the creator of the universe.

No surprise therefore, nor should there realistically in such circumstances be any, when the Windsors act out, as they frequently do, their ultra privileged roles that you sycophantic and class obsessed brownnosers liberally accorded to them, as well as willingly support them in.  Until, that is, the Daily Mail and other rightwing Nazi and Fascist rags mischievously, self-servingly and utterly disingenuously, as is their customary habit in their clickbait financial policy predisposition, manipulatively use you to pointlessly let off steam at the system; knowing full well that nothing constructive, and certainly not for all you cynically used pillocks, will ever be done. And significantly also, that this fundamentally egregious system will simply carry on as previously to the continuous and massive financial benefit of both the Windsor family and their arch supporters of the ilk of the Daily Mail and other distinctively noxious, Nazi, Fascist and likeminded alt-rightwingers.

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