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24 Jun 2019 — Jacqueline Bywater,Missing walker told rescue team she didn't want to be 48, was traced in a bothy 'safe and well' following a police appeal. ... Published 24 Jun 2019. A missing hillwalker - who haSTV
"Missing walker told rescue team she didn't want to be found".  
2019.  STV news.  
This concerns the article written by STV.    
If you had not guessed.  
A continuation;  
The information provided by STV did come from Dumfries and Galloway police who,  it may be apt to add, have also made other false statements about yours truly.    
So, As you can see by my previous writings I am quite humored to see just how much bullshit some organisations can excrete. Yes, I could sue. Yes, I could just put it down to a form of misogyny, and yes I could turn a blind eye to it.    
However, I kind of like calling out “establishment” bullshit.    
First let me explain the “misogyny “.    
I am female.    
That STV/Police does not mean my role in life is to trap a partner into buying me a designer handbags, shoes and a 4x4.    
My life aspirations are simply not to fanny vomit babies, wipe their bottoms or to give head to a husband on his birthday.    
I like many other women on this planet live for the outdoors. Therefore , generally, whatever our outdoor pursuit we chose you can bet your bottom dollar we have trained hard for it, we know our equipment, we know our capabilities and we know our limits.    
Our endurance, fitness, stamina is paramount as, within  inhospitable terrain/weather conditions, our personal survival depends on our resilient attitude.    
We are experienced in the outdoors, we are good and able at what we do outside. Whether it is hiking, mountain biking, climbing, road cycling, abseiling or as active soldiers.. We are, sorry to burst your bubble, are just as capable of stepping out of our comfort zone as any man.    
We. STV and Dumfries police, are not constricted within the confines of a marital bed chamber or ironing a man’s skid stained Y-fronts.    
Yes, sometimes we can be kind, caring, gentle, passive, and “motherly”.    
But mostly we are not.    
Mostly we do not conform to the stereotypical view that we are simply sex toys, washing uppers or baby makers.    
STV, some of us are more than able to go out into the great unknown without the permission of society, the police, mountain rescue, You, mummy, Daddy or a big strong man to hold our delicate, fragile petal soft hands.    
Some of us are aggressive, bloody minded, tough, argumentative, strong, fit determined bitches who take shit from no one.    
I am one of them.    
My body.    
My risk.    
In relation to THIS, revised, article;    
Number 1;    
“…who had not been seen for six weeks”… It would have been just short of eight weeks.    
Number 2    
“….told her rescue party she didn't want to be found”…. I met one off duty police officer called George/John (?) who “thought” he’d “just Pop in while passing” and I specifically told him “I do not want to go home but I have to, to pay some bills”.    
I, at no point, told ANYBODY I did “not want to be found”.    
The officer who stated that is simply deluded.    
Or a liar.    
 I can clarify that because;    
A.      I had no idea any one was looking for me.    
 B.   As the police/ mountain rescue very well know by now, if I did not want to be found, I would not have been found.    
Number 3.    
 “Ms Bywater, from Carsethorn in Dumfries and Galloway”…  I do not live in Carsethorn. I do not come from Carsethorn . Nor have I EVER.    
Number 4    
“Vanished”.. No, I parked my car right in front of the Southern upland pathway. I walked in broad day light, used paths tracks and roads. I talked to numerous people and I told them my plans. It was no secret. And as I said there was nothing supernatural about my walk.    
Number 5.    
“Who had been known to walk 20-25 miles per day and sleep in bothies”… With full kit (13/18kg) I can do 50kmof hill walking day after day. Without a weight on my back I can do more. To add, I do use bothies. I’ve been to around 70/8o . However I’m comfortable using a bivi bag/using one of my tents / sleeping under boats/bridges/under the stars. I am adaptable.    
Number 6.    
“She had been found by a mountain rescue team”… Yeah right mountain rescue!!!!    
The only time I have met the mountain rescue team is when I over took them while they were slogging up the Criffel 2021. (On my equivalent.. third time ascent that morning may I add). No mountain rescue team has EVER found me. No mountain rescue has EVER rescued me. And in 2019, at no point, had I ever met the mountain rescue team in a bothy, up a hill or where ever.    
Number 7;    
“And said she didn't want to be found."    
100% BULLSHIT STV.    
Number 8;    
“Ms Bywater was happily left to continue her adventure in the great outdoors”… No. As I said I was walking home. Had I not had two bills to pay, (one of those bills could have resulted in my car being towed away) I would have stayed walking in the Borders/Northumbria national park area.    
Number 9.    
“Adventure”… ER no.    
Ghana was an adventure.    
Lake Malawi was an adventure.    
Zomba was an adventure.    
Hong Kong, Thailand, Lantau, Bangkok, Pukket was an adventure.    
India, Mysore, Bangor, Mumbai, Goa, Marve, Ooty was an adventure.    
Sri Lanka was an adventure.    
Trincomalee was an adventure.    
Colombo was an adventure.    
The lake district was an adventure,    
The highlands was an adventure.    
The Cairngorms, Athol Mountains was an adventure.    
Romania was an adventure.    
Moldova was an adventure.    
Spain, Greece, Crete, France, the Alps, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Germany were  adventures.    
Rannoch moor was an adventure.    
Monaldth Mountains was an adventure.    
Cape Wrath trail (both ways) was an adventure.    
The Grampian Mountains was an adventure…    
And all the places I’ve forgotten were all adventures…    
This  Moffat 2019 walk was only 2 out of 9 months worth of “vanishing” in this said year..    
As far as I was concerned…..    
….It was a walk in the park.    
STV news have you ever considered finding out both sides of the story?    
Have you considered the fact that the world is full of women with bollocks who chose to step into the unknown to REALLY live?    
Or considered that some of us women can fight our own corners against bitchwivery, malicious bullshit and and glorified gossip vomit?
Written by tomyaccusers (jacqueline bywater)
Published | Edited 19th Nov 2021
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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