Anglican Pagan

Multiple triggers possible  
Please cover your ears & or leave  
I apologize:  
For being happy  
A sin in the Woke religion  
Where misery, suffering & victim-hood are mandated  
Yes Iím a heretic  
And guilty of thought crime  
Sorry Big Brother, sorry Big Sister  
Sorry Cancel Culture, sorry Black Lives Matter  
Sorry LGBTQI Plus-Plus-Kiss-Kiss-Bang-Bang  
Sorry Twitter trolls, sorry ANTIFA  
Sorry Anti-vaccine communities, sorry Eco-warriors  
Iím Anglican Pagan  
Iím a Lesbian trapped in a manís body  
So if there are any Lesbians out there  
Trapped in womenís bodies  
Looking for somewhat similar but different  
I am available  
Donít worry  
There will of course be no touching  
Or sexual language  
I respect your right to sterility  
But I am available  
And I am happy despite my sorrow because  
Almost all of the love astrology podcasts are saying  
I will meet my soul mate  
So Iíve been preparing  
Watching the dating tips podcasts  
I now know about Ďhigh-valueí women  
Noting that under Woke Law biology is banned  
But I am a heretic as mentioned  
However I now know what to & what not to say  
And when to and when not to say it  
This is hard for a heretic like me  
Particularly when added to my natural hermit status  
And resulting social etiquette deficiencies  
Note how Iím showing my vulnerability  
This is supposed to be a dead set turn on  
For prospective love interests  
I have tried this approach with the Cam-Girls  
And they seemed to really appreciate it  
Particularly when I acknowledged their beauty  
And proved my sincerity  
With more than a few gold tokens  
Doing my part for world wealth redistribution  
Such nice girls  
Though a little bit naughty  
This is probably not allowed under Woke Law  
But as stated  
I am a heretic  
And Anglican Pagan  
Yet despite and in support of  
I should also apologize  
For the mixed metaphors  
A truly heinous crime  
According to the gatekeepers of poetry  
Except of course for  
Woke get out of jail free card holders  
Because those prisoners do deserve a second chance  
Unless theyíre Me-Too offenders  
Then they deserve the full two minutes of hate!
Written by Spanker
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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