Lizards don't last forever; not even imposters!

By Stanley Collymore

I'm not at all surprised at these
quite rich people gaming the
system in their favour. But
what I generally find rather hard to
understand though, is undeniably
how generally millions of Britons  
distinctively, idiotically convince  
themselves - honestly, reality is
that they're really mainstream
media manipulated - these so perniciously inhuman cretins,
like Jacob Rees Mogg; equally  
toxic predators of the likes of
all Owen Patterson, Geoffrey  
Scott; and clearly predictably  
too their natural leader Boris
Kamal Johnson are genuinely
somehow quite laughably on
their distinctively so pathetic  
side, and moreover patently  
ludicrously, are altruistically
looking after, their interests.

This despite the blatant and
self-evident fact that these
politicians, and factually  
to be very absolutely truthfully the
huge majority  of them, asininely  
regard themselves as clearly far
superior to the basic lot of you,
their instinctively, regarded as  
obviously Useful Idiots, ballot
fodder and quite predictably  
rather similarly well beyond  
all realms of normal human  
conscience and any respect
crucially, for the rule of law.

(C) Stanley V Collymore  
15 November 2021.  

Author's Remarks:
Everyone with a functioning brain in their head and quite adept at using it fully knows and sensibly accepts, if they actually bother to waste valuable time thinking about it that is, that the supposed United kingdom, evidently from its ludicrously delusional, divine rights of kings and queens - the actual biological ones or Queer limp wristed fellows, fundamentally far more dyke than actual Dykes themselves - distinctively inherent, characteristically so Middle Ages mindset hereditary monarchy, to their essentially despised by them, but still risibly incredibly so brownnosing in return sycophants and subservient plebeians, that the UK quite honestly in virtually everything essentially bar its political composition - and even that crucially isn't for much longer seriously in doubt - is by any genuine objective definition a FAILED state!


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