Democracy is a concept derived in 510 B.C.
It has became nothing but a tool if you look at history
Each fucking year the word has became more perverse
That's why bitches at the podium has to be so dam rehearsed

A government by the people, for the people, is just words said
I can control your whole body if you allow me into your head
You'll do my work and fight my wars of profit
What part of ten percent that your ass don't get

Every two to four years you're in the booth playing the slots
When the electoral college has already been brought
Do you really think they would allow you to determine shit
Citizen Louis Capet was real and they'll never forget

The military has been privatized to stir shit up about border lines
Lines created by devious minds everything worth something is within my lines
Hell the motherfucking ten percent must remain on top
Keep ninety percent at war and the profits will never stop

Privatize the prisons, lets lock them away for life
If you try to become one of the ten percent, they will take your life
How can you promise to keep a prison filled to a certain capacity
Unless you are "trumping" up charges and framing me

I went to war for this bitch, got fucked up over this bitch
Now I find out healthcare is designed for the politicians and rich
Fucked up in mind and body with no money to pay
Sitting in the emergency room all fucking day

Take the best of the best and place them all in one building
Mediocre doctors are left to scratch out a living
What happened to the times when doctors made house calls
Now the AMA and the government don't give a fuck about y'all

They have shown you, you're simply sheep for the slaughter
A work and security force, anything else don't bother
By manipulating the ninety percent, they can do this shit right in your face
In the name of profit they are willing to destroy the entire human race  
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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