Broken Britain at its worst!

By Stanley Collymore   †  
† †
No punishment for the then 14 † †
year old boy, now 16 and still † †
quite legally can't be named, † †
who distinctly, got his 11 year old † †  
sister pregnant; nor any given to † †  
their parents either, who clearly † †
freely condoned their blatantly † †
gross sexual behaviour. - Evilly † †
also no justice whatsoever for † †
the distinctively too; familial, † †
actually and unquestionably † †  
biological, and incestuously † †  
produced infant, cavalierly † †  
very lasciviously spawned † †  
into, their repulsive midst. † †
Not rocket science at best † †
for quite consistently and † †  
literally, as well, †crucially † †
and patently licentiously † †  
then truly †irresponsibly † †  
absolutely allowing this † †
pair of siblings actually † †  
with their own parents † †
avid permission to also † †  
crucially watch, clearly † †  
uncensored; decidedly † † †
heavily, pornographic † †  
output in this familial † †  
home with them. And † †
undeniably no justice † †
also for that innocent † †  
and rather, carelessly † †
created, in such racy † †  
distinctively vile, but † †  
for this and likewise † †  
similarly odious lot; † †
ordinary behaviour. † †  
† †
To put it bluntly, this 11 year † †  
old girl wasn't raped, and if † †
she hadn't fallen pregnant † †  
when she did her aptly incestuous †
relationship with her older sibling †
would manifestly have carried on. †
So to the lot of you really gullibly  
brainwashed, crudely dishonest † †  
and also thoroughly and simply † †  
manipulatively also, absolutely † †  
controlled by very evilly, lying † †  
and applicable, disingenuous † †  
enablers, morons; I candidly † †  
do unapologetically say this. † †
For God's sake stop all your † †  
bloody annoying and most † †  
pathetically also, distinctly † †  
cringeworthily hypocrisy; † †
as you readily deceitfully † †  
claim, that what actually † †  
happened with this very † †  
unethical, randy sibling † †  
pair, is risibly so clearly † †  
a rare British situation. † †  
† †
It's not! This 11 year old girl † †  
voluntarily agreed to what † †  
happened, in spite of her † †  
and her brother knowing the legal †
age of sexual consent in Britain is  
discernibly 16 - every secondary † †  
age school child in the UK - that † †  
into this distinctive category, it † †  
is undeniably clear, †that both † †  
of these siblings categorically † †
and most unquestionably do † †  
fall into - readily knows this; † †
yet it doesn't stop droves of † †
them despite multitudes of † †  
you adults rather choosing † †  
to wishful thinking delude † †  
yourselves essentially into † †  
truly believing, otherwise. † †
Notwithstanding, that the † †  
actual home of these two † †  
siblings, was distinctively † †  
an ideal setting for what † †  
sexually this sibling pair † †  
was consensually doing. † †
† †
(C) Stanley V. Collymore † †
4 November 2021. † †
† †
† †
Author's Remarks: † †
And these utterly useless parents and countless others like them across the entirety of Britain are free to have more children. And we still incredibly have people asking what's wrong with the country? In a state of affairs where it's difficult to identify the victims from the predators. †

However, †as awful as this situation is, it's by no means a new thing in many societies across England and Wales; Ireland both North and South of the border, mainly the Catholic parts of Scotland and equally so substantial swathes of the Confederate USA; substantial parts of Canada, and distinctly as well, just as in the perceived as "Mother Country" Britain, †similarly so in inured convict, entrenched racist and xenophobic behaviour, genocider and definitively delusional Terra nuliius white Australia. †

These siblings were initially downstairs then subsequently and voluntarily, consensually went upstairs to a bedroom where they both voluntarily and personally undressed themselves and carried on with what they were earlier doing downstairs. Clearly a consensual state of affairs and no coercion of any kind involved on either side, even though their actions were legally proscribed and unacceptable.

So stop pretending the lot of you disgusting hypocrites, and with your own far from irreprochable lives and familial backgrounds †- assuming of course that you actually and honestly know what these are - that this 11 years old Welsh girl was in essence some kind of the Holy Mary Virgin reincarnated - were you honestly at that age? - as she distinctly wasn't! †

But doubtlessly her incestuously conceived and bastard offspring will grow up not knowing who he or she really is, as no one will have the guts to tell them; and as the vast majority of your and her kind routinely do, will contemptously look down your noses at those whose principal crime, in your sick and twisted minds, is that their skin colour is distinctly different, as in your specific cases, distinctly different from their own. Whilst most ironically instinctively considering themselves, and with an unknown incestuous heritage at that, considerably better and far superior to Blacks and other people of colour. †

While, in the meantime, their wholly immoral and incestuous parents as they grow older, lavishly live off the largesse of state benefits, never actually bothering to look for or find work - and why should they, what are the incentives for them to do so? - as they produce more state funded bastards of their own, from the anonymity of their elecronic devices will go on social media and castigatorily as well as libellously defame those whom they don't racially like or are manipulatively told by their controllers that they shouldn't - people like Meghan Markle - with false accusations levelled at them but which in reality are essentially †a true categorization of their own useless, pathetic, unproductive and criminal lives. †

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! That's why every child who is born, and their parents as well, should compulsorily and legally be DNA tested on pain of imprisonment and huge financial penalties if they don't or give false information, and this information statutorily placed on their birth certificates along with accurate details of their biological parents and furthermore PERMANENTLY retained there, whatever the circumstances of the child's birth; and this information made freely and legally compulsorily available to any member of the public who wants to access it. †

One sure fire measure, †at the very least, of eradicating all the BS from these cowardly media trolls, egregious, psychopatic haters and their enablers; the declaration of whose REAL identities should and must also be legal requirements to go on all social media participation registration, thus enabling those who are now fraudulently anonymously and libellously attacked to take justifiable legal action against these perpetrators. And equally too for the legitimate forces of law and order to seriously and justifiably prosecute those scandalously and criminally disposed to breaking the law on such matters as hate crimes, noxious, nationally injurious and unproven conspiracy theories and crucially death threats! †  
† †
† †
† †
† †
† †
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