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I knew that just a Sally's moustache made her costume real, I needed a crowning touch. Sure enough, Sally had thought of everything. A blonde wig and a lacy maid's cap were neatly displayed on a vanity. I took a moment to settle these in place over my short hair, pausing only long enough to adjust the curls falling across my forehead.

"Come and get your treat," I trilled, pitching my voice into a falsetto. I sprawled across the bed, one elbow propping me up, my legs crossed daintily, but my left leg crooked so that my skirt slid above the knee.

Sally burst through the door, every inch the butler, and stood, hands on hips, admiring me. I know I blushed as she smiled.

"You are a beautiful girl, but that lump under your dress has to go."
With no further fanfare, Sally dropped to her knees at the end of the bed and flipped the skirt up above my waist. My cock surged vertically, despite the chilly air. It was fully exposed. Sally grasped the base firmly in her fingers and turned it about, admiring it. "This is beautiful too," she said, still using her mannish voice.

The deep growl and the visual of the moustache hovering inches above my slit were odd, but the gentle pumping action of Sally's hand prevented any loss of erection. A few beads of cum tentatively spurted out of my cockhead, the rest restrained by Sally's grip.

"I've always wanted to taste this," she said. She inched forward and lowered her head slowly, just barely flicking her tongue across the tip of my helmet, licking up the goo, and looked up smiling. Her teeth glinted with pearls of cum. The gob stuck in her whiskers made my squirm a bit. She rewarded me by giving my cock a rough squeeze.

"Lay still and let me eat your overgrown clit," Sally demanded.

I relaxed again; falling back on the mattress as she ran her tongue around the rim of my cock, then licked the whole head like an ice cream cone. She cleaned all the precum off it.

Despite Sally's instructions, my hips had a mind of their own. They began bucking up off the bed, meeting Sally's lips, fucking her face.

After the first few strokes, I no longer noticed the whiskers tickling.

"Bad girl, getting so horny so fast," Sally said as she lifted her head.

She reached over and slipped her hand under the edge of the top of the dress. She gave my nipple a twist until I yelped. Before I could respond, she again lowered her head over my cock, bobbing up and down the shaft with increasing speed. Her grip on my root never relaxed, so my sperm was trapped, urgently demanding an exit.

"Have you ever done this before?" I asked, amazed that she was not gagging as my full length disappeared into her throat.

In response, she twisted her head to signal "no". The resulting tongue whipping action around my shaft made the tingles run from my nose to my toes. I reached out. With my right hand, I found Sally's left nipple under her shirt. I grasped my own left nipple, massaging them both in stereo.

Suddenly, Sally pulled back, a strand of cum forming a rope from my tip to her lips. Taking a fresh grip on my shaft, she pumped it harder, aiming the tip at her open throat. The first spurt of semen missed her mouth, striking her on the cheek, and getting caught in her moustache. Her tongue quickly flicked up to catch most of it. But I knew that as soon as she finished with my climax, she would expect me to groom her. I knew that's what maids are for.

Sally had found her aim, and the second blast rocketed up to the roof of her mouth and from my reclining position, I saw the slimy cream slip back into her waiting throat. She briefly closed her mouth and rolled a ball of the goo on her tongue. Once again grasping my still full cock tightly, she shoved forward and forced her lips onto mine, forcing my mouth open. She swapped the snowball into my mouth and waited until I swallowed.

"You are going to be a fine slut," she growled, "my slut."
Then she slid down my body and took my cock back into her mouth. Several more shots of cum erupted into her throat, each one swallowed as if Sally hadn't eaten in weeks. The final drops leaked from the corners of her mouth.

As my shaft softened on her tongue, Sally collapsed satiated to the floor. I decided to take a risk and act on my instincts. She did not complain as I followed, slipping off the bed to sit beside her. I carefully arranged the dress to cover my lap and crossed my knees daintily. Gently, I took her chin in my hand turning her face towards me. She smiled dreamily. For the first time all night, I saw clearly my best pal behind the costume. I softly stroked the moustache with my fingertips, and then darted my tongue out, cleaning the bits of stray sperm. Sally shifted and sucked my tongue deep into her mouth.

After moments which seemed to last forever, she broke the clench.

"That's enough tricks out of you, girly," she said, bit she was unable to stay in character, her deep voice breaking into girlish giggles.

Her hand slid up my leg. "Oh, you're excited again already. We can't have you going to Chad's party like this."

She lifted her hips off the floor and struggled out of the trousers, her underwear slipping off with the pants. Bunching my dress up at my waist, she bunny hopped on top of my erection. My rod slid effortlessly into the depths of her pussy. Sally used her legs to pump herself up and down my cock as my hips again showed a life of their own.

I expected to encounter the resistance of a maidenhead and paused in my response.

Sally again was way ahead of me. "I lost that flap playing with carrots a long time ago, honey," she giggled.

I felt like I was floating on a cloud, in heaven. The strangeness of our clothing no longer matters as Sally's fingers slid under us to milk my still swollen balls. My shaft throbbed, aching still from the last orgasm, but seeking more release. Sally's strong abdominal muscles began flexing in counter point to her up and down motion, wringing my cock. Shivers of excitement shot through my body with each twist.

I seemed to drive up higher off the floor in response. Sally then in turn shoved down harder.

I worked a hand between the buttons of her shirt and found her tit, massaging the meat first, and then touching the nipple, gently at first and then with increasing intensity.

"Oh, gosh, that feels great," Sally moaned.

She reached out and grabbed my other hand, sliding it around her ass until my fingertip pierced her sphincter. Now, my cock was ramming her cunt and I was finger fucking her ass as we bounced along the hardwood floor. The depth my finger sunk the more Sally creamed with joy.

While we fucked, Sally wrapped her fingers through my wig, and drew my lips to her mouth, kissing me deeply, sharing the remnants of my first load of cum. As we exploded in orgasm together, Sally held my face in her palms. I could feel her tears running down our faces.

As Sally collapsed to the floor, we heard distant church bells tolling midnight.

"I guess it's too late to go to Chad's party now, Halloween is over,"

Sally said.

"Happy Halloween" I replied. Although I had yet to achieve my goal of seeing her nipples, it was the best night of my life. As she snuggled against me, I asked "are you sad, you missed the party?"

"No, I think my trick already earned me the best treat."

Just then we heard the door knocker.

"Trick or treat," we heard. The voices sounded like Raggedy Anne and Andy. Maybe they had figured a way past the gatehouse. Perhaps we would party after all.

"Look at you, you're a mess," Sally scolded me. "Straighten up while I go greet our guests."
Written by nutbuster (D C)
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