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Image for the poem Supacozmikpimpdifiedcrazeazzohshit!! (Halloween Hell Horror Series)

Supacozmikpimpdifiedcrazeazzohshit!! (Halloween Hell Horror Series)

      "Her Halloween costume was torn as tears fell from her eyes  
No longer able to fight as her pimp separated her thighs,  
      "Resistance was futile-a saying used by the Borg  
As she felt her prayers were ignored by the lord,  
      "Being a whore he knew nobody would believe she was raped  
So without mercy unwanted dick he made her take,  
      "When she came her soul was consumed by shame  
But to him it was control over her in this pimp game,  
      "Suddenly there was a flash of psychedelic light  
Only leaving her in a puddle of blood on a cold night,    
      "When his sight adjusted all he could say was goddamn  
The shit he was witnessing he only saw playing Halo or on Ironman,  
      "Thinking that the drugs he smoked was fucking him up  
Looking out the window he knew his ass was stuck,  
      "No moon, no Earth, no motherfuckin stars  
He realized he wasn't in jail, because there was no bars,         
      "Something punctured deep within his skin  
Out of thin air a female appeared displaying an inhuman grin,  
      "Tentacles' begin to extend from her slime-dripping nose  
Stripping away his clothing and then penetrated his testicles,  
      "Instantaneous pleasure substituted the prefrontal cortex's pain  
As his satyriasis desire went ape shit insane,  
      "Erotically hypnotized his mouth was suctioned against a liquified glass  
While more barbed tentacles entered his eyes and ass,  
      "A turtle-shaped object forced it's way down his throat  
Giving him the feeling of constantly being choked,  
      "Uncomfortable pain and pleasure merged into a torturous grind  
Amplifying his sexual madness and slowing the presence of time,  
      "For weeks the female alien performed her own sick xenomorph fantasies  
While her spaceship slow warped from galaxy to galaxy,  
      "From diabolical surgeries while perverted aliens sucked his dick  
To an anus test subject every time her barbed tentacles ripped his shit,  
      "When finally finished she healed his broken mind  
Vomiting in his mouth a pinkish-green illuminating slime,  
      "When he awoke paramedics found him on a forest road  
Asshole naked, pregnant with a female vaginal hole".
Written by CasketSharpe
Published | Edited 29th Oct 2023
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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