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Mrs. Doubtfire

Feeling the burning honey slowly pour
From the white sands, the Heavenly skies, cast down to the beautiful shores
I suppose men would say such drastic and unfavorable things
When incorrectly birthed as a chick who flings a ding ding
I do not understand she of a man these days
Always shading the sun, polluting the air when they are jaded with their secretive palm play
Neglectful to groom facial hairs
Cheap five and dime cheap suits, to them, the inner beauty of a soul will never compare

Mentality to degrade using the supreme rules…hum… how many profiles now, no one is a fool
Has bitterness gripped your mangled heart
Festering a reality to rant when no one cares about words written in the dark
Within the realm of now, it is time to uplift
Perilous damnation and surviving, however, just like a sheman who thinks with an arrogant dick
Small minded of disproportion stifles vindictiveness with demeaning words echoed from bottom feeder misfits

It has never been my idea or a prized intent to direct annoyance at a toilet filled with shit
On a higher level of intelligence, I attempt to seek, you would never comprehend, my plight, my rites, my life, and that’s just how it is
If times were given to you, suck it up and quit playing the victim, fool
Waste not want not, the world moves too fast to keep childish minds, childish tantrum locked in a foul mouth tyrant’s school
No labels here my dear, let’s just make that clear

Your reckoning opinions of a babbling idiot who cannot ascend to leave well enough alone
Bitterness is so cold in life, immaturity is straight to the bone
This is real life, open your eyes, a social poetic site
Where like-minded individuals come together to encourage a passion or to enlight
No one truly cares.. about you, then the words you leave after you write
No one owns you nothing in life not even respect, you earn it, demand it, or you take it, with or all you might

The synagogue of your mind all twisted, potty mouth for a man, all listless… see a shrink, if in doubt, you cannot clearly think
Degradation of a low IQ to marvel in a dissociative behavior, with a problematic intellect
Sociopathic soul who could not even spell Blot Test
Go in peace rambling beast
Too many poison pills to drink from in life, not found in my wishing well
The only sentiment I can tell you is, Ms. Doubtfire, go to hell

Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

Mark Twain
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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