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Fuck you, and your shallow world…

It’s important to surrender to the consequences that emerge when we’re stuck in moments that disempower our hearts & souls from flourishing, even more so when you’re unable to create a pathway that leads to a connection so deep that you’re unable to fathom the concept of ever being stuck in our own seperate state of aloneness.

Alone pondering the world around us without being immersed in the purity of intimacy within the context of one another, where the channel of sacredness is finely attuned to those who’re driven to explore the wilderness and passion that underpins, one another.

What is life, if it doesn’t entail spending time with your lover to unearth the sacred, and unlock those moments that bring you both to a place where pleasure is the only thing that seals & heals; rejuvenates, and diminishes those past fractures that exist below the surface ?!

When do you realise what’s most important, and make the time to pursue sacred moments that can only ever be shared intimately with ones lover, whilst giving yourself boundlessly to one another to heighten your state of being, whilst setting one another alight, immersed in the flames of passion !?

We spend much our lives striving to make a living, to live comfortably with our own internal sufferance left unspoken, whilst surrounding ourself with unimportant materialistic trash that only ends up on the trash pile when we die, and when we edge towards those end of life years, we become terrified whilst pondering the years we should’ve pursued.

Pursuing a constant state of bliss & sacredness that can only be realised, actualised and experienced when we surrender ourselves from the expectations that society placed upon us, and my lucidity emerges during the twilight hours.

Where real things oft emerge that make life worth living, found only within those sacred & revelatory moments of pure ecstatic devotion, to please & be pleased, whilst reframing the chemicals in one another’s brain through channeling your love into your beloved !?

Was it not Jung, who spoke extensively upon the shadow and the importance & use of art, and the correlations of such being the vehicle for attaining elevation, through activating & experiencing an elevated state of being, within the context of our souls being able to flourish through that particular instrument.

Clearly, it’s fundamental to our longevity to pursue the sacred & profound, within the context of another as we unlock one another’s blockages, through the sacred & divine when our souls collide & our hearts merge upon the precipice of one another’s divinity.

Is it simply way too much to fathom, the concept of astonishing one another, in the depths of a bond so deep that it depicts being immersed in the depths of awe struck passion, so deep & heavenly divine, that you finally understand the concept of worship as we seek to navigate the depths of one another's oceanic hues ?!

Knowing how the ship anaesthetises & heals, can only be fully derived from understanding the concept of worship, and I don’t have to go to church to find that kind of holiness when it’s found in your eyes, and within gentle, yet crushing riotous kisses that trigger the wild in us both.

It’s clearly visible in subtle glances that are exchanged from across the room, post inhaling the essence of ones lover whilst freshly made memories anchor you both to one another, and in that moment of truth, there’s purity.

Truth be told, I’m sick & tired of encountering the shallow who seek to dive into the depths of me, whilst being unable to deep dive into themselves, and to those shallow fuckers I’ve encountered on my walk in life, I sincerely wonder if they’ve ever truly wondered, and pondered, why they’re unable to unfuck them self, within the context of another !?

All relevant Q’s to ponder in the majestic silence that thunders through our veins as you consider authoring a narrative that serves your wellbeing, and your spiritual being, if you’re willing to break free from the chains and self inflicted wounds that emerge from selling your heart & soul, to those less evolved.

To those, devoid of truly knowing the purpose of heart & soul, who’re significantly unequipped to elevate & heal your heart & soul, with vibratory notions of ecstatic joy & contemplation whilst sharing their whole being; mind, body and soul, in the depths of worship as you arrest and cuff one another behind the physical plane.

But I digress, because my hearts under arrest.

Apparently, I’ve a foul mouth but I don’t trust sneaky judgemental folk suffering from a self identity crisis, all whilst seeking to plough my train of thought and call it their own, whilst casting judgement, and I’m pondering the hypocrisy & crimes committed at the hands of the soulless & unenlightened, whilst immersed in their blatant bullshit & stupidity as they feign divinity, simply because I’m a woman and I know who I am when I peer into my own eyes, and see myself as I AM through the mirror each morning.

And believe it or not, I roar just as loud as those who claim they’re royalty, whilst riding their mini bikes around the neighbourhood with their training wheels still clearly visible whilst talking out of school, noting that school of thought belongs in kindergarten, or in the trash can as all they manage to do is trash those they feel threatened by.

Honestly, it’s nothing new for I knew all along, what the deal was…
Written by shadow_starzzz
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