Empire of the Greeks

a story, in verse


The Sexual Predation in the Empire of the Greeks
Was sated by the slave girls who were owned by the elites
Most thought of it as normal and an owner's sacred right—
But not against a freeborn, lest one tempt the Empire's might!


A Young Prince born of privilege was pleased to sow his seed
The princesses he pillaged were not victims of his need
For they, too, craved indulgence for lascivious desire
Except the saintly daughter of a man who ranked much higher


The ladies whispered rumors of a Hulk between his thighs—
The ones whom he had known confirmed Its spunk and lavish size!
As word spread of Its prowess in a lady's privy place
Each noble lass aspired to test Its verve between her legs


Encouraged by the lurid, knowing looks within their eyes
The noble youth, with boasts uncouth, began to flaunt his Prize
Which only fed the anger and the animosity
Who fathered his next conquest, when the Young Man bade her see


Her brush-off, and her sire's rank, enhanced the prince's thrill
She spurned his lewd advances but his lust burned hotter still
Rejecting every boast he made of Phallic Size and Skill
She torched his reputation, as a Satyr unfulfilled


The Young Man failed to woo her, and his pride was worse for wear
As other princes taunted him, "You need to grow a Pair!"
So plying her with sweet talk, gifts, and not a little wine
Her innocence fell victim to his prurient design


He groped her Virgin Treasure Trove whilst feigning gentleness
She glanced his Male Anatomy, Robust and Pendulous
And feared his Turgid Thunderbolt, endowed like Pegasus
She spurned their consummation, shouting "NO!" with emphasis


Enraged, he seized her by the hair, absolved of chivalry
And forced himself upon her, wolfing-down virginity
While penetrating deeply, evil smile upon his face
He satisfied himself and left her bleeding in disgrace!


She crawled back to the villa of her clan, to seek relief
The crime drew raging fury from her sire, it's mighty chief
He vowed the prince's punishment would fill all hearts with dread
How dare he shame their clan, and break his daughter's maidenhead!


Her angry Father found the lad, amazed by his conceit
So unafraid of consequences, boasting in the street
That he deflowered a maiden of the clan they feared the most
Her Father and his hoplites seized the rapist in mid-boast


The young man's clan could not afford to risk a civil war
They chose to give him over, for his crime to answer for
And swiftly disinherited from privilege and wealth
His own chief's angry retort, "Let the bastard save himself!"


The lad was stripped and lashed until he pleaded for his life
The chief then turned him over to his daughter and his wife
With orders to prepare the rapist for his walk of shame
He knew the task at hand was best reserved for Grecian Dames!


As punishment for boasting of how heavy he was hung
His victim claimed her vengeance, cutting out his pompous tongue!
He had no choice, she took his voice, and had the final say
By asking of her mother, "What else shall we cut away?"


Her Matron's vengeful artistry prepared him for parade
They sheared his head and pubis clean, as naked as a babe
All in Constantinople came to watch his walk of shame
The hope of most of them: To see a nobleman be maimed!


The crowd was crudely taunting as they led him through the streets
With lash welts on his naked ass, whilst slave girls jerked his leash
His wrists were tightly manacled behind his scourge'd back
As he drew close, the Matron's work drew giggles, groans, and gasps


The Matron's indignation was creatively expressed
The crowd approved with loud applause for what she dispossessed
What publicly proclaimed his masculinity's defeat?
His Infamous Anatomy was Rendered Incomplete!


The Cad's Prodigious Privy Parts, salaciously displayed
But swinging rather high, not from the place between his legs
His Proud Majestic Manhood hung there, limp against his chest
The Guilty Package dangling from string around his neck!


The ladies whom he pleasured were forlorn to see It so
The princes, on the other hand, just sniggered at the show!
Now one less man competing for their ranks and for their titles—
One less phallus challenging the vigor of its rivals


One less prince competing for the princesses' attention
One less set of testicles chock-full of Greek ambition
One less cocky noble youth to lead the empire's future
One less set of Privy Parts, replaced by grisly sutures!


He shuffled on, a slave girl's pawn, fresh stitches where It hung
The ugly jeers drew silent tears—no quip without a tongue!
With eyes downcast, forever mute, led naked like a beast
Bereft of caste and destitute; again, she jerked his leash!


The rapist rued his past conceit in wretchedness, and wept
His source of pride —now slaughtered meat!— borne heavy 'round his neck
His noble life replaced by strife, he failed to count the cost
Humiliation multiplied by whom he dared to cross


He knew the law, new eunuchs are the lowest rank enslaved
He must obey what others say, no matter how depraved
Slave girls are keen at torturing, their teasings never cease
And now at risk of buggering by warriors of Greece!


The slave girl jerked him to a halt, augmenting his disgrace
She clutched his hefty penis, like a club, and struck his face!
And then she held it to her crotch, to mock his neutered state
Before she tossed it to a dog, which dined upon his fate!


The crowd guffawed the hungry dog devouring his cock
The eunuch knelt in grief and awe, crotch writhing from the shock
His famous phallus and his stones, the canine feasted on
The slave girl jerked his chain once more, when all of it was gone!


The slave girl jerked him to his feet and made him face the crowd
His victim was amongst them, stepping forward, standing proud
An ice pick in her hand, she faced her rapist without fear
She smiled a haughty smile, and then she coarsely pierced his ear


This act meant his enslavement was for life, with no appeal
Enslaved to whom he raped! He knew his hell-on-earth was real!
She named him Euryproktos, and the crowd broke out in laughs—
It meant 'he craves it anal' or 'he has a broken ass'


The slave girl kicked his feet apart and gave his leash a jerk
His owner beckoned with her hand, her mother's handiwork
Commanding that he tell them, where his Privy Parts had gone
Deplorably he mumbled: "ay wa ea'em by a owg!"


The slave girl turned him 'round and yanked his chain down to the ground
Thus, forced to deeply bow, and flash his sphincter for the crowd
Humiliated, buttocks spread, aghast at what this meant
His Mistress signaled to the crowd, his anus was for for rent!


His owner took his leash in hand, to lead her slave away
He thought his walk of shame complete, still limping from the pain
Still unaware his Mistress planned to keep him nude for life
Forever on display, the shame left by her mother's knife!

το τέλος

Maimed by his victim's mother, stately Matron of their clan
Emasculated for his crime, no more a noble man
From searing pain to public shame, with nothing left to lose
A eunuch slave condemned to serve a lifetime of abuse

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
Published | Edited Yesterday
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