Keeping It Real

I keep a fat ass roll in my pocket, but I just don't show it
I keep that thing on me somewheres and you motherfuckers know it
Hahaha fuck clapping in the air when I take it there
Nothing but the barrel sticking out of the window, kick them casings back in here
Keeping it real
Ole boy done fucked up, shit he knows he's fucked  
He fucking went and touched a package he wasn't supposed to touch
An audit was performed, I was told to plug up any leaks
Find out where he got the brand new ride and that closet full of sneaks
Keeping it real
Motherfucker didn't have sense to hide that shit in fucking stocks and bonds
Get a safety deposit box, invest into anything except something to put on
Every week they come out with new video games and fucking sneakers
Aiming their ads at these pussies because they know these fuckers are weaker
Keeping it real
They'll buy this bullshit before paying their bills and taking care of their families
Stealing from the wrong motherfuckers with no escape plan see
If you work a job, hell yeah, you have the right to buy what  the fuck you want
But when someone's fronting you that work, they own it down to the last ounce or blunt
Keeping it real
He touched one package to many, fucking hit that shit with to many cuts
Now real motherfuckers want to know if he really has nuts
For that chrome and stereo, he fucked up their product
That shit still looks and sounds good, although they have shot that bitch up
Keeping it real
All of those sneakers that he brought are really coming in handy now
His ass takes off running everytime he hears a pop, bam, or pow
Hahaha, still dressed good at least he's going to die clean
I just picked up the bounty for his ass, do you know what I mean
Keeping it real
You know that I get it in there, plexiglass sharpened and ready to put in work
Nine milli scanned and cut from a block of plastic ready to bring the hurt
With his pussy ass up in the club boy I'm about to make him twerk
Watching his ass thinking of nothing but covering him with dirt
Keeping it real
Sooner or later he'll have to piss and when he enters that fucking bathroom
Shit without even knowing it, he has entered his fucking tomb
Fucking shiv in the chest driving his ass back into the stall
Here is his bonus and retirement, two shots to the head now that's all
Keeping It Real!!!!            
Written by I_IS_ME
Published | Edited 21st Oct 2021
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