Three The Hard Way

I remembered dudes use to comment on Tori's photos saying shit like "shawty you bad but you need a lil more ass and titts then you'll really in the top ten." I would just smile while commenting "baby you're number one up pon di look good chart." It always made her call me to tell me how much she loves the way I am with her. You see, I never hold back, I go all in and then some. I communicate my thoughts and feelings extremely well and I just don't hear what she's saying, I listen attentively to what she says. I pay attention to her vocal tones and body language. Even things like how she hold and place objects tells a story about how her day is going or went. She is one hundred percent my focus. So when she said she had found the perfect girl to invite into our family, I felt great.

Her description of Shameika was vivid and detailed. "She's five feet,, eight inches tall, a former two hundred and four hundred meter All-American track star with beautiful dark skin that looks smooth and glows radiantly. Weighing one hundreds and fifty five pounds of cocoa cola bottle shaped stature. Long thick muscular legs, slender upper body and arms, gorgeous face and facial features and shoulder length silky faux dreadlocs. The excitement in her voice reassures any inhibitions and Jealousy that I may be experiencing in my thoughts, and I feel great about who she feels would be a good fit for us.
Tori has never been in a relationship with only two people. She expressed that to me in the very first conversation we had. She doesn't want to and I accept that. I've been with a few women who are like Tori and I love their honesty and realness. I also realize that our kind of relationship is not an easy one for most people to accept and feel comfortable with within the society we live in. Our hearts are true, our intentions towards each other is pure and raw, encompassing a love, understanding, respect, commitment and care that is elusive to most couples in relationships.
We keep everyone involved safe and comfortable, free to be themselves without fears, confusion and frustrations. We keep no secrets nor do we tell unnecessary lies or practice deceit and selfishness.
Tori has a smile that makes everything feels right. Her high cheekbones and slim semi-wide nose accented with freckles  are attractive but when you look at her gorgeous green asiatic eyes, they strip away every defense mechanism you though was iron clad. It's hard for most men and women to let a woman like her be herself, to love who she wants to. For me, it's easy, simple really. I don't need to nor do I want to enslave people's thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. I respect their boundaries.  
Even during BDSM roll play I find it a little difficult being a disciplinarian. When she wants me to pound her into a pulp for disobeying my rules, I sometimes take pity on her when she's trying to run from the dick. I'd tell her to put her hands on my lower abdomen and use it as a barrier to prevent me from hitting her stomach too hard. She be wanting it savagely but I know better. It's all talk, she doesn't want to seem like she's a pussy, so she puts on this big girl persona and start talking mad shit about how she's built Ford tough. I don't pay her no mind cause as soon as the head goes in she starts shaking and quivering, then the sexy ass moaning, squirming, screaming and hollering commences nonstop.  
Another lover would help make her feel more sexually sustainable, like she has someone to help alleviate the pressures and that should gives her a different perspective, focus and durability. Plus she loves women just as much as I do.
Written by thewatcher33
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