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Straight Talk Live (Living On The Edge Of Society)

As of late I have been studying human nature. Societyís pivotal problems, court documented crime cases, bemoans, unusual circumstances at the highest level, the duality of the sexís indifferences. I have sat in a cushioned chair and listened intensely to the most deep rooted mental insufficient people who cannot seen to cope on a basic superficial level outside the realm of civilization.  
Within my observation, I have come to recognize, no one is better off than the other when it comes to composing our conduct to what is deemed adequate by humanityís requirements.
We as a whole walk around each other in silent fits of rage, we drive in our expensive cars, travel outside the city limits to our places of employment, live in our suburban homes, and have our executive jobs to keep us afloat at a prestige level of existence. In addition, a lucrative education gifted from generation rites from ivy league institutions.
Therefore, sadly when the mind can no longer compute within the dwelling of self-success or self-reliance to master what is acceptable in the eyes of the law then this is where my expertise comes into play. I have always fathom how anyone who has the epitome to build their own success seem to self-demise. I can comprehend we all come from different walks of life, different upbringing, and social disadvantages for a vast segment of society.  
Could it be the debauched route one would praise of its worth? Silver spoons held in hands and dreams already given on silver platters that lessens our values when we become the prey to the inferiority in our mind who we have curtailed to be.
Most people I have had the pleasure to interact with has worked hard for their legacy, whereas, when the chemical component of the mind breaks down. Most therapists must comb through the two hemispheres with a fine-tooth comb.  
During counseling the mouth becomes a tape recorder we must repeatedly play back to listen, in earnest, to catch that one glitch, which would explain the deviant wheels set in motion to become a malevolent mind.
Segregating the boundaries and the parallels into fine particles; is it the family unit, finding itís not a deterring factor, most have been reared by parents of superior education values and most have educated offsprings of exception distention, and the gateway to sow future success, it is a lack of sexual preference, desires. Or lack thereof, I cannot quite elaborate, that is moreso a medical related issue, however, it is discussed in retrospect, most may tell you, they, meaning, the majority of men are quite satisfying to the opposite sex.  
I have yet to counsel any criminals with follies toward transgender people to comment a heinous crime, not saying they are not out there, because studies show they are.
After those demographics have been discussed and taken into consideration, then we come into the forensic science of how a precarious mind can develop into becoming sadistic in its own stability to lessen in its value to demoralize in a narrow mindless faÁade giving way to criminal intent.  
I am new at this; therefore, I am still processing. I am no longer in college, sometimes to read about others and then properly diagnosis someone's sanity does tend to make one question its on. Therefore, when you view those criminal element shows and you see someone in court accused of a violent crime and there is a doctor testifying as a expect witness, take into consideration the countless mental health sessions that psychologist or psychiatrist has spent with that patient trying to isolate the mind from the crime and the person from the criminal determination.  
It is disheartening at times to be the judge and jury of anyone elseís mind, to have to be dispassionate and disassociated from a mind that were once full of vigor, life, now from listening I am still perplexed because you never can come to the understanding what went awry.  
You can grasp at concepts, perceptions, histories, but it will never give you the true reason of is objective, you can medicate to quiet the mental instability.

Subsequently, when it comes to that day in court. These patients stand on the oath of the crime they are accused of as a badge of honor, no regrets noted in therapy, and no remorse, the mind has been self altered and adapted to that particular person way of thinking.
As I will always advise, please take care of the mind, it is a precious commodity in all its beautiful stages of life from birth to the medical diagnosis of its natural decline, Alzheimerís and Dementia  
Time will be going back momentary therefore, please pay most attention to Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, it is a form of depression, and its silent culprit is triggered by a lack of sunlight. Most people are most often affected by SAD during winter months, when the days are shorter and darker. Therefore, Light therapy, medications, and psychotherapy are the treatments available this disorderÖ
And thatís another Straight Talk Live For You
Take care of yourself, mask up, vaccinate if you believe, and always be kind to others
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
You can't fix yourself out of a mental health issue. You can't wake up and say, 'Today I'm not being depressed!' It's a process to get well, but there is recovery.

Margaret Trudeau
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