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Image for the poem  Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are (The Witch’s Web Part II)

Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are (The Witch’s Web Part II)

Hunted Hill
The Day Before Halloween
You think you must have those villagers bedazzled by your rules    
Playing the innocent act, but sweetheart I’m no fool    
Mm... I love when a man thinks I cannot make his mouth droll    
Having these poor men all in a trace after leaving this house    
Out of their minds like a cat who have possessed the mouse    
Walking around with heads in the clouds all handy dandy    
Just what type of tricks have you got up your skirt lady or should I say candy    
I am sorry, whatever your displeasure is I’m sure it can be worked out    
No, my lady it can’t and before you start a chant...      
I have to close my eyes, you may put a spell on me    
and that means losing my clout    
Well, suit yourself Mr…    
It’s Mr. Brown    
He’s looking around    
I thought witches lived in old, tattered houses not like this    
This is a tight set up with the latest technology… hum you probably zapped it…    
What if I was a... as you stated a witch what just would you do    
Continue to speak fables and sound like a fool    
I’ve been here long before you were ever created    
Your invite into my home was long anticipated    
You think you are the first to question my sensual sainthood    
I am from the lineage by blood rites whereas the core of your mind    
will never have understood    
Before the false ideology of fairies, wizards, and warlocks,      
The supernatural, a place among infinity to the living we knock    
Intoning though the darken world let me in    
The beholder to cause discord or discontinue within the synagogue of sin    
From the Reptilian people who thrive among us practicing in    
secrecy among their secret society to live forever    
The Nephilim children extension by Mother Nature’s cruel weather    
I am not a witch I am a sorceress    
Seen but not heard in the realm midst, mesmerizing your mind, heart, body with the breath of a soft kiss    
There are interchangeable as silk and lace mm... a sweeten difference of sun and moon and its preferred tastes    
So, you are the sexy witch who lives down the street    
Honey given for all too slowly eat    
Having all these men knocking on your door on Hallow’s Eve      
Mm... not to forsaken cumming right in to savor of thee    
You may open your eyes    
No... I refuse to bow to your wicked lies    
You are already in my web mm... I am just thinking of the most    
delicious way to spin you    
Feeding off your flesh as my carnal dew    
Then coiling your heart like yesterday’s food    
Oh, my darling that’s so cruel    
Mm... Remember as one said, my rules    
Disrobe my love and partake of such warm and sugary treat    
Surely you shall serenade to appease upon the sweeten taste of this    
love potion feast    
You are now under my spell    
Anything I want you will do to the sound of the bell    
Ring ring    
Your mind in a state of Nirvana as desires will sing    
Stroke yourself...  mm... you getting me so wet..      
Yes.. yes..… pump your elongation.. my yes losing myslef in the stretch of the imagination    
Oh, yes just like that    
Don’t move those eyes as you watch me part my Creole thighs and play    
with my soft kitty cat    
Lean your face down here my love and hold out your tongue    
Sniff my fingers now ask me for some    
“Can I have some?”    
My essence coating your lips... leaning in giving you a kiss pushing    
your head down to my clit “now lick”    
Ring… ring    
Darn it… the telephone… freeze with the soft fold tease    
Kitty... it’s supposed to be a full moon tonight in case you didn’t know    
Elvira I’m predisposed here a bit    
Sounds to me like you got a handsome brotha frozen on that slit    
Girl you ain’t right    
Serves him best for riding all up in here like I’m a dragon and    
he’s some slaying Knight    
Then allow me to let you get back to that punishment    
Yes, when he’s done, his tongue will be sore from the pleasure unrelent    
Later… you bad kitty.. without any pity      
Unfreeze and back to you… mm... yes dip that tongue in that juicy food    
So is this how you seduce those poor bastards in oblivion    
Mm... no… this is what I call desirable living    
Then allow me to show you how it’s really done    
Mm... I see my spell has make you swell.. and do tell    
You the witch… pardon me darling, the sorceresses. I’m the    
warlock about to get a taste of that butter rum    
Then toss those hips in the air and sit you on this throne until my Kingdom cum    
Licking all over those big breasts    
My tongue salivating those pebble size nipples giving you no time for rest    
Stick my fingers in that pretty brown tight ass    
Stealing your breath baby girl you won’t last    
The hoisting you off the dick settling you on top of my lips    
Teasing that pinkish mouth gift then scaling all up in the wet slit    
Drool baby all down this man’s chin    
You feel my finger sliding in..    
Yeah, you wondering who the prey is and who’s committing the sin    
Laying you down spreading those conjuring thighs    
Crawling over your face.. smearing that clear coating toppling from my    
nature rise    
Over these pretty lips before the sinking in your mouth,    
loving you milking this head for those drips once I hit that South    
Down your throat gagging you my width and that ain’t no lie    
Holding your neck up ... yeah.. swallow down these inches so I can    
stick it next in that creamy peach pie    
Oh yes baby…. pump that dick    
Palm my ass and let that mouth rip    
Darling let me help you out    
V-shaping my length taking it all back and forth, your tonsils is the route    
See if the witch... sorceress who ever you are... can tell when I am about to pop off    
Before you choke or before you cough    
While you letting me lick my tongue deep inside your gapped lines    
Oh sweet mercy.. I got him just like all the other times    
To be Bootinued
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 19th Oct 2021
Author's Note
I think I'm a witch because I'm very connected to nature.

Gemma Collins
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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